Best Screen Recording Apps For Android In 2020



Indeed a great question. And the answers with some of the best screen recording apps as an example would not set you bored while you’re reading this article. Screen recording is as similar to a standard video camera recording. In standard video recording, the artist will record a visual live area, whereas in the screen recording the area of recording is just the smartphone display/screen.

There are plenty of reasons why one must screen record using third-party apps, and the reason which is very uncertain to say that there is no inbuilt screen recording app provided by Android OS unlike Apple iOS and now let’s discuss the uses.

Users with the need of creating tutorials on mobile applications, tutorials on games which includes gameplays (gaming), informative videos based on OS features, updates and much more. Yet there is a question still missing the part, why to prefer screen recordings over a screenshot?

Here, it’s all about the limitations in sharing a pile of information, which seem to be inconvenient for anyone to share a huge information over a single screenshot and thus why screen recorded videos make a difference. Yet, screen recorded quality videos consists of top-notch informative guides or even gameplay that one would easily get connected, learn and share without hesitance.

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Thus we are here entitled to provide you with the some of the best screen recording apps for android in 2018. The list follows as below:

Best Screen Recording Apps For Android In 2020

  1. Apowersoft Screen Recorder
  2. Omni Screen Recorder
  3. DU Recorder – Screen Recorder
  4. Ez Screen Recorder
  5. Hidden Screen Recorder

1. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

best screen recorder for android

Apowersoft Screen Recorder has all of the features which every enthusiastic technology nerd would crave to experience. Apowersoft is a powerful screen recorder app with more than expected handy little features. The reason for Apowersoft to stay as a powerful screen recorder is due to the features it provides such as multiple selections in screen resolutions, various fps settings, you can even tweak opacity, brightness levels, and even the aspect ratio.

The itself preps you up drastically with the countdown timer before recording starts, even while the recording user can interact with the app through their overlay icon to pause, resume and stop the recording. Some of its key features are allowing the user to trim the videos, internal gameplay audio, or any other player audio integration with the external audio.

Most importantly front camera recording can be done for a professional touch. Some of its additional features are annotation support, casting the screen to a computer for a better experience while recording.

Download: Apowersoft Screen Recorder for Android.

2. Omni Screen Recorder

best screen recorder for android

Omni Screen Recorder has been popularised very recently with over a million downloads and has been developed by Pic Tools Group. Omni screen recorder has some exciting features which make this app differ from other screen recording apps.

Some of the core features of this app are the recording support to the highest quality resolution at 1080P, 12Mbps bitrate @ 60FPS. It has been even packed with coolest gesture action, shake the device to stop the recording and hide the floating app tiles.

Omni screen recorder is more of a packed featurette, along with the regular features it even topped up with set of video, audio, and image editing tools which makes this whole package a worthy Corundum to install and gave a try.

Download: Omni Screen Recorder for Android.

3. DU Recorder – Screen Recorder

DU Recorder – Screen Recorder is part of DU Group which is a conglomerate of a smartphone application and one of their famous application is DU Battery Saver. The Recorder has got its own importance as it provides a special feature, unlike other screen recording apps.

DU Recorder is considered to be the fast or swift performing screen recording app. Some of its key features are Livestreaming or broadcasting the screen directly to Facebook, Youtube, and even Twitch. To support the live streaming, DU Group even released the app along with Live Tools, which would essentially help in managing the live chat, notifications and managing chatbots.

What I like most in this app is the capability of trimming the recorded videos very fluently and even the one tap screenshots, stitching those screenshots can be done flawlessly. The hovering circle icon does provide video settings to edit the aspect ratio, resolution settings, bitrate, and frame rate. Some other interesting features are live annotation support and one-touch front camera recording ability makes this app a commendable notion.

Download: DU Recorder – Screen Recorder for Android.

4. EZ Screen Recorder

best screen recorder for android

EZ Screen Recorder is a minimal screen recording app for android. Certainly comes with a few intriguing features which make the overall experience tidy. Their record manager does come with inbuilt media editor which makes half of the work stitching the video and audio easier.

Its core interesting features are Shake to stop mode to stop an ongoing recording. You get to have an overlay icon of a video camera, upon clicking on it you get a 3-4 second duration to select the overlay menu of options. You can start recording right away with the first option, take screenshots, access the record manager, even settings of the app. There is a nifty little feature to add a preview of front cam live recording with a resizable preview window which resembles a P2P video.

Download: EZ Screen Recorder for Android.

5. Hidden Screen Recorder

best screen recorder for android

Hidden Screen Recorder is much applauded for the innovative screen recording features and yet disappoints with moderate UI. This screen recorder is its one of a kind providing Quad HD (2560×1440 or 1440×2560) resolution whereas most of the popular apps provide up to FHD (1920×1080 or 1080×1920).

Hidden Screen Recorder name is for a reason, from security settings you get options to hide the app icon and even hide the recorded videos. If you’re still seeing the app icon after hiding it, you should restart your device to get the issue resolved.

This app has more inconvenient features than any other app and even lack some of the important ones such as overlay icon which can hide after the recording starts. One more inconvenience is that you get to start the recording process from the app, unlike other screen recording apps, you won’t start the recording from the desired app or game. This makes you have a couple of seconds in the video beginning and ending which shows this app.

You can get over with this issue by having a media editor such as Power Director. Videos can even be exported as gif and then share to the social media directly. Even with all the inconveniences this app is worth installation and trying it out.

Download: Hidden Screen Recorder for Android.

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Final Thoughts On Best Android Screen Recording Apps

We have shared some of the best screen recording apps for android which unique to each other providing different features. Let us know in the comments which you think is the best screen recording app you have used. We would love to know and share them.

Note: All of these apps require android version 5.0 and above.