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Best Fast Charging Apps: In our day to day life, we tend to watch better smartphones getting released one after another, leaving the contenders behind. Such competition can be seen in the apps that are being used in those smartphones too, particularly in the Android phones. In the category of battery saving or fast charging applications, the trend seems to be fresh every week having a release of customized battery saving app or fast charging app for Android smartphones. Today we will be looking for such fast charging apps that are worth installing on your device.

Is There Any Need For Fast Charging Apps?

Yes, if you get to know that with the day-by-day usage, the battery tends to perform less and less till it loses its charge holding capabilities completely, this would probably take over few years (nothing to get worried about, its a gradual and time taking process).

What should you need to do? You need to perform a few checks and see what the reasons for the battery discharge or simply install applications that can do the smart work for you. This or that way you need to take steps that can save the battery life and its duration period of losing the charge per one cycle.

All you need to do is to follow this article below.

There are many reasons why your mobile loses its charging faster than normal. Such fast battery discharging factors for your android mobile are:

  1. Excessive Options In UI
  2. Background Running Apps (too many apps running in the background)
  3. Excess Data Usage (2G/3G/4G)
  4. Unstable System
  5. Unstable Network
  6. GPS
  7. Bloatware
  8. Data Analytics Programs In Background
  9. Auto Backups
  10. Unnecessary Ads

Uses of Installing Fast Charging Apps

Let us assume that you’re waiting for an important call or email, and you’re losing the charge pretty fast, and you’re so sure that your battery won’t last long if you won’t pick up a charger to give that charge boost. But somehow, you’re in such a situation, you cannot access your charger or there is no electricity, and on the other hand, your device is losing its cool. Just pray to the god and expect the callback or the mail/message.

Just kidding, you can actually do much better in such scenarios. Few checks on why your device is discharging fast, or why your mobile isn’t charging faster like it’s the normal case, such checks can actually fix the issue most of the time. But wait, it’s a time taking process to go through them, and you’re not good at the timing.

All you need is some help to get out of it, by installing fast charging apps or battery saver apps, you can easily save the battery discharging speed, killing of the background running apps, optimize few settings for the optimal usage. (like brightness level, screen off time, app restrictions, data analyzers, etc.). It is more of an optimizing app or cleansing app.

Top Fast Charging Apps In 2018 For Battery Saving

  • Du Battery Saver
  • Battery Doctor
  • Battery HD
  • Kaspersky Battery Life
  • Battery Saver – Fast Charging
  • Deep Sleep Battery Saver
  • Greenify
  • Super Fast Charger

1. DU Battery Saver

From its inception, DU Battery Saver has been on the top in the category of battery optimizing apps. Once you install, a notification widget gets added which comes in handy for quick usage of the app from the notification bar itself. Now open the app, you get to see the number of problems found which are the reasons for charge leaks (discharge). Click on that nifty “Fix Now” button, then the app will take a couple of seconds to clean the battery health draining apps and adds few minutes to the battery life.

You can go through the shortlist of saving suggestions which are Advance Saving (Deep Sleep), Auto Clean, Detailed battery scan, Inspection, and a few other battery charge related options. Some of them are included only for the Pro version.

From the left menu bar, you can find a few interesting optional features.

Main Features:

  1. One Tap Optimizer.
  2. Battery Charge and Discharge Monitor.
  3. Own Power Modes (Personal Created).
  4. App Monitor.
  5. Handy Widgets.
  6. Advance Saving (Deep Sleep App Settings).
  7. Unlock DU Battery Saver Pro with coins.

Note: DU Battery Saver is loaded with unneeded or unnecessary options which just feels like the app, not an authenticated one.

Rating: 4 ★★★★☆

Download: Play Store

2. Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor or so-called Battery Life Saver is unlike DU Battery Saver has very fewer options that are focused on saving the charge and fast charge your device. It has got pretty nifty features which lets you turn on power-saving mode, the traditional one-click optimizer, power-saving profiles. You can simply opt a power profile mode and turn it on, and the app will save battery health according to that mode guidelines. With the power saving mode turned on, you can disable all running and unneeded applications, and also the charging gets done pretty faster than normal.

Main Features:

  1. Monitor Battery Draining Apps Easily.
  2. Disable running apps if the battery is heating.
  3. Battery Charge and App Optimizer.
  4. Power Profiles or Saving Modes.
  5. Charge Master

Rating: 3 ★★★☆☆

Download: Play Store

3. Battery HD

Battery HD is a very sleek battery application for sure, there are many features within fingertips to use. Its major feature is the Audio Alerts and very favorite data charts. With Audio Alerts you can alert your mobile with notifications at specified charge levels so that you can either go power saver mode or fast charge your device. You can access Audio Alerts from the left side settings menu button.

Device Calibration is one of its prominent features, with Device Calibration you can perform various checks over a period of 1hr or 1 ½ hr depending on the device model. It will let you know if there are any possible battery charge leaks or if any malfunctioning module.

When you open the app, straightaway you can see a slider consisting of consumption rate and device standby timing if you use those particularly mentioned apps which are actually calculated approximately.

Data Charts is something you would love about this app, click on the left side button which is below the settings button to enter the charts. Right away it shows the graph consisting of temperature variable, from the top right-hand side, you can select or deselect a few variable options to show on the graph. And from the menu you can actually export the graph to an email, save to SD Card, or print the graph which sounds very cool.

Main Features:

  1. Calibrate Your Device Modules.
  2. Standby Timing For Every App Usage.
  3. Auto Activate After Plugging In Charger.
  4. Data Charts.
  5. Widgets.
  6. Audio Alerts.

Rating: 3 ★★★☆☆

Download: Play Store

4. Kaspersky Battery Life

Kaspersky Battery Life is a recent contender in this category which is actually performing well as it has other supporting apps such as “Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky VPN, Kaspersky Password Manager, Kaspersky Kids Control, and few others”, which summarizes the upper hand in the productivity category.

What does it make this app a miniature version of DU Battery and yet be better than it in few aspects? Once you open this app, you won’t get to see those unusual features which are loaded in the battery charge saving app, unlike other apps this app works in a neat manner. You can perform a one-click app optimizer to clean the running apps to add some more standby time.

From the menu, you can edit the favorite apps list, which will not get cleaned when you perform the above step. It’s kind of an app lock feature with which the battery saving cleaning feature won’t imply. You can stop apps from auto-starting easily, to do that first you need to clear the running apps. Only then you will get a popup which shows you’re the number of apps which are restarting and are consuming your battery without your consent. Provide accessibility to Kaspersky battery life from device settings and then the app will take care by preventing the apps from auto restart.

Main Features:

  1. Clean Your Running Apps.
  2. Favorite Apps (Excluding Apps From Auto Cleaning).
  3. Custom Alerts.
  4. Stop Restarting Apps.

Rating: 3 ★★★☆☆

Download: Play Store

5. Battery Saver – Fast Charging

Battery Saver feels like an unprofessionally designed application but yet manages to save the charge in its predefined ways. It has pretty few focused features, this app revolves over the power profile modes and device settings. Once you click the optimize button, you get a few options to tweak in a manner to save the charging or increase standby time. Though the app is loaded with some beefy number of ads to be fair which looks awful over the contradictory design it has.

Main Features:

  1. Task Killer (App Optimizer).
  2. One-Click Custom Saving Mode.
  3. Fast Charging Mode.


Once you turn on any mode let’s say saving mode has been turned on, when you turn off it, the settings won’t get restored back which were how it was earlier before turning on that mode. You were forced to turn back or change the settings as per your need again.

Rating: 2 ★★☆☆☆

Download: Play Store

6. Deep Sleep Battery Saver or DS Battery Saver

Deep Sleep Battery Saver or DS Battery Saver is an epitome of power-saving modes, the number of saving modes or so-called Deep Sleep modes is quite a few to consider checking. The app just throws as possible as many customizable options on your face, it’s up to you to configure the best out of them.

DS Battery Saver feels like a well-designed and added features to the Battery Saver – Fast Charging app. To clear the running apps, click on the optimize button, it will show you a list of running apps and also a few recommended settings to enable/disable to save the standby time. Once you plug in the charger, the app shows if the fast charge process, with everyday charge usage you can see the charging history from the charge history option.

Deep Sleep Battery Saver app is all about the customizable sleep modes it provides. Under the Profiles section, you can go through these options Off, Gentle, Strong, Medium, Aggressive, Slumberer, and Custom. Selecting any of those options would instantly make the respective changes to the device settings by turning on/off. You can read the settings of each of the profiles by clicking the arrow button on their right side.

Are you not satisfied with the added profiles? What are you a battery health saving nerd? Well, the app got a custom option for you. You can get the custom option by upgrading to their pro plan. The custom option lets you edit the profile on your needs, the custom profile actually has two variables in which you can set custom settings for the profile differently to work differently on weekdays and on weekends.

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Apart from these, there is one geekier featured available and it is the CPU core customization. By turning this on, the CPU cores get turned off and set to a deep sleep while the mobile works on a single core. This works only in a rooted mobile, though it is not recommended to tweak the CPU core option.

Main Features:

  1. Deep Sleep modes.
  2. Quick Notification Toggles for sleep modes.
  3. Battery Triggers.
  4. Data Thresholds.
  5. Whitelisting Apps.
  6. CPU Cores Deep Sleep (Root Required).

Rating: 3 ★★★☆☆

Download: Play Store

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