How To Download Unblocked Minecraft Game


Unblocked Games has been the new buzzword in the gaming industry. Minecraft is undoubtedly the best-unblocked game that has earned a name for itself. If you are someone looking for an Unblocked Minecraft game, you have reached the right place for all the information you may need to gather in that direction. Let us find out the ways you can access Minecraft free unblocked games.

Before we proceed

Well, before we move forward to find ways to download and play unblocked Minecraft games on your computer, it may be necessary to go through a few basic points.

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Please note that none of the games available through the unblocked games sites mentioned herein do let you download the official version pages. Though the game versions can be original, the landing pages are not official in any way. Though, we have checked the sites to be authentic and safe to use; even then, we would advise you to visit only those sites that are verified and secure.

Also, it would be worth mentioning your school or workplace can have its own ethics you may need to follow. So, we would advise you to abide by the guidelines put forth by your organization.

Best sites that offer Unblocked Minecraft Games

There are several sites and platforms that offer you unblocked games for free. Weebly and Google sites are some such platforms you can use.

Weebly Sites

1. Unblocked Games Download

Unblocked Games Download is one of the popular sites that let you download unblocked Minecraft game. The site also offers you several other unblocked games apart from Minecraft.

2. Team Extreme Downloads

Another good site you can have access to Unblocked Minecraft version is this Weebly sites. In fact, Weebly has been one of the best options for downloading unblocked games for free.

Team Extreme has been a great option for Minecraft downloads on Weebly. Please note that the site seeks donations for some downloads. We would advise you to take care and not fall prey to these demands. After all, we are looking for free download options for unblocked Minecraft game, aren’t we?

Google Sites for Minecraft Downloads

Google sites are yet another option for finding top-rated unblocked games. We do have a good collection of Google Sites links for downloading unblocked Minecraft games. Some of them are listed here below.

1. saaugs3mc

We would consider saaugs3mc to be one of the best options for downloading your favorite versions of your favorite unblocked Minecraft games.

saaugs3mc excels because of mods and additional patches that it has on offer for your Minecraft version. This should, in fact, go a long way in improving your experience with the unblocked Minecraft game you download on your computer. We would definitely suggest you opt for the site if you really are in love with mods and additional sound effects among other special features offered by the site.

2. 1-5-2 Download

If you are someone who is looking for additional texture packs for your unblocked Minecraft installation, nothing can beat 1-5-2 Download.

The site offers you around five different texture packs for the customized appeal of your Minecraft experience. This should indeed be a great option for your needs in getting an improvised experience with your Unblocked Minecraft gaming. We are sure that the Minecraft fan in you will fall in love with the additional texture packs on offer.

How to Play Unblocked Minecraft Game?

Well, that should not be a great deal in any way. We would assume that if you know how to run a Java-based applet, it should be quite easy to play the Unblocked game on your device. However, if you are a newbie, the tips below should be helpful for you in setting up your Minecraft installation –

  • Download the Minecraft Game from any of the sites we have featured above.
  • To ensure that the application you have downloaded is a jar application.
  • After the file downloads, double-click on it to open it.
  • Some sites may ask you to provide a username and a password. Please note that, in most cases, a user name and password may not be necessary.
  • Now choose Enter Game. In some cases, you may just need to press ENTER alone.

That does it! You can begin playing your favorite Unblocked Minecraft game to your heart’s content.

In conclusion

We assume we have been helpful in helping you download your favorite versions of unblocked Minecraft game on your computer. The sites we have featured in this post are the only representative in nature. However, there are several download sites and you can use any of them get your favorite variant of unblocked games.

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Have you used any of the sites we mentioned here? If you have, do share your experience with the sites. Your feedback will go a long way in making our readers aware of the benefits associated with the unblocked games and the sites that help them download their favorite games for free.

If you do not want to download a game variant on your system, you need not fret – there are some sites that offer browser-based alternatives so that you can easily play your favorite Minecraft from within your browser. We would definitely advise you to give it a try.

And yes, if you have any further suggestions to our readers, you are free to share your views through the comments here below.

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