Best Parental Control Apps For iPhone In 2020


Best Parental Control Apps For iPhone:- Since a decade the use of Internet Of Things have been inclining respective to the decreasing age limits, and most commonly found device these days among the pre-teen, teen and youth are smartphones. This so-called Linkster Generation is the category of people who tend to use smartphones heavily. And so does digital marketing is focused on this demographic. Certainly, these smartphones have become a pain for the parents due to the imbalanced usage by the kids these days.

Generally speaking, the very usual thing these days kids, teens, and youth does is involving in social media and online activities, ranging from gaming, binge-watching, chatting, video calling, online dating and much more. Over usage of smartphones tend to impact on the student/child’s life and rest of the career indigenously. Thus, the millennial parents worry about their kids and special regarding their social media involvement.

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Few parents who are educated enough tend to take few measures to reduce such behavior from their kids. They at least try to control the iPhones usage and the internet usage of their kid’s devices with few of the trending and working parent controlling apps or so-called mobile spy apps.

5 Best Parental Control Apps For iPhone

Some of the best and focused parent controlling apps or spy apps for monitoring kids have been mentioned in this article which we compiled after going through the features they provide. Most of these apps are for the iPhone or iOS in general, you can find their alternatives for the android market easily.

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Parental Control Apps – Rule Of Thumb:

The Rule Of Thumb of the parental controlling apps is that there should be a line drawn between understanding your kids and training them for well being rather than just tapping into their privacy for knowing their secrets, especially baiting them or torturing them to listen to your words. The below-mentioned apps perform these tasks which are essential to monitor or spy your kids in a well manner. Few of them required Jailbreaking your iPhone, whereas few don’t need jailbreaking your iPhone at all.

  • Blocking websites from browsing
  • App Installation Block.
  • Location tracking
  • Forced call or voice recording
  • GPS tracking and history
  • Data logs of calls, messages, browsing
  • Reminders and Alarms
  • Remote Access to Camera, Mic, Files and much more
  • Stealth Apps running in the background for monitoring
  • App monitoring and much more

Best iPhone Spy Apps for Monitoring Kids

  • mSPY
  • FlexiSPY™
  • KidsLox
  • Net Nanny
  • Norton Family Premier

1. mSPY

When you think of monitoring your kids smartphones you should think about mSpy. This tool is the leading spying software solution for monitoring since 2010. The tool is legally certified, allows regulated usage and doesn’t support anyone misusing their software.

mSpy offers you support for both jailbreak ios devices and also to the non-jailbreak ones. The only difference is the features provided to the jailbreak devices are more than that to the non-jailbreak iphones.

  • It provides the benchmark features to spy on your kid like monitoring social media or communicational apps, almost all of the chatting apps can be monitored with the jailbroken device, whereas the non-jailbroken gets whatsapp and skype and few mainstream popular apps.
  • Some of the helpful features are GPS location tracking,  Access to phone calls, contacts, text sms, emails, browsing history, media files, applications. And the best part is the remote control of the connected devices and the historical data analysis reports which just shapes this app as the best paid smartphone monitoring application for your kids ios devices.

Price: $199 for 1 Year (Best Value)

Official Site: mSPY

2. FlexiSPY

FlexiSpy is best known for its improved stealth mode if compared to that of what mSPY provides. It is a user-friendly monitoring app, thus anyone devoid of age can learn, and understands how to use it properly within no time.

To place FlexiSpy in ranking with mSPY, then it is going to be placed in between mSPY’s jailbreak and non jailbreak plans. Some of the best features which FlexiSpy providing are Managing Apps, Email, Calls, Contacts, SMS, Keyword Triggers, GeoTagging, Keyloggers, App usage and restriction, Remote controlling, Web Data, Screenshots, even Call Interception, controlling device adapters, camera, mic sensors and much more.

Price: $349 for 1 Year 

Official Site: FlexiSpy

3. KidsLox

KidsLox is best known for its easy usage for monitoring kids phones and the other aspects of iphones. It provides access to the dashboard through an iphone app or even through a standalone windows app or mac os app for monitoring.

Parents can easily set up their accounts and sync the devices with their account, So that the controlling of the synced devices can be done from the app instantly. Kidslox straightaway provides different modes to assign for different devices.

  • Modes duly differ with each other in term of app access, web access, location or any other access. Some modes are easy for a kids provides them with enough features to use like web accesses, fun and games the entertainment they need. Whereas other modes just straightaway restricts the app usage or even device usage until the auto schedule turns on/off or the parent removes the restriction manually.
  • Kidslox main features are scheduling access to the mobile apps and to the device at different intervals of time. Parent can plan the way how their kids should use their devices as per the time and schedule so that they won’t neglect their sleep time, their class times and much more.

Price: $79.99 for Lifetime (Best Value) – Upto 10 Devices.

Official Site: Kidslox.

4. Net Nanny

Net Nanny has got major improvements in content blocking, profanity masking  if we compare it with other parental control apps. Its dashboard is straight forward and lets you to turn on and off or tweak almost all of its features for every connected iphone user (device).

  • Net Nanny for iphone is easy to install and start monitoring. It provides custom modes which allows admin to set custom settings for each user differently. When a connected ios device is being monitored and has been restricted access, the child loses access to remove or install any app from that device.
  • Unlike other spy apps Net Nanny do stay visible in settings, atleast it shows your child that they are being monitored with their knowledge. Pricing is somewhat expensive, and even with the premium, you’re paying the connecting devices or users are not unlimited. There are just 3 annual plans available to select, namely 5 users, 10 users, and 15 users plan.

Price: $59.99 for 12 Months ( Upto 5 Devices).

Official Site: Net Nanny.

5. Norton Family Premier

Norton Family Security comes with a reliable plan for family monitoring purposes and it is Norton Family Premier. Norton Family Parental controlling is all about supervising the child’s iPhone usage rather than forcing them with strict modes of various iPhone activity restrictions.

Yet, The App provides a plethora of monitoring options which are essential and provides graphical usage reports everyday. Unlike most of the parental control apps, this app comes with a sophisticated plan which allows an unlimited number of connections.

  • Norton Family Premier provides in and all iphone monitoring and tracking features which include  Supervising Web Activity, reading imessages, scheduling modes as per the day or hour, social media app monitoring, location tracking, access requests for web surfing, app installations etc.

Price: $49.99 for 12 Months (Unlimited Devices).

Official Site: Norton.

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Concluding Thoughts On Best iPhone Monitoring Apps

Its a fact, that the different choices from a parent perspective of what they believe as best monitoring of their kids iPhones lead us to believe there are constantly two types of Parental Control Apps. One which provides parents or admin a mild App control and let the parent know their kid’s behaviour in a friendly way so lets term this one as Mild Parental Controlling. And the best app for such mild controlling would be KidsLox, Net Nanny.

Then arrives the professional way or a hard way of monitoring the kids for different reasons which sometimes turns out be spying. Lets term this one Hard Parental Controlling way lets the parent has a 100% control over their kids iPhones. And the best app for such a hard way of controlling would be mSPY and FlexiSPY. Hoping you as a reader are satisfied with the best iphone spy apps for iPhones list.