Top 5 Best Podcast Apps for Android in 2020


Best Podcast Apps for Android:- Smartphone has indeed been an indispensable part of our being. In fact, it doubles up as one of the best productivity tools as well. The present age has been moving ahead towards a high degree of technological innovation. One of the best uses that you can put your smartphone too is listening to podcasts. The current trend has been the age of podcasts. Right from education to crime stories to technology or even business  podcasts have been one of the basic aspects of communication that we often come across. Here are the top 5 best podcast apps for Android you can enjoy on your device.

Best Podcast Apps For Android

As we have already understood, Podcast is a new concept and has been taking itself ahead with the kind of rise in the number of podcasts have been growing. But, if you really want to enjoy the podcasts in an effective manner, you would need the apps that can effectively manage the Podcasts. Checking out the new podcasts and digging deeper into the mountain of podcasts and picking your favorite one can only be possible with a perfect Podcast app. We assume the Top 5 Podcast apps that we would be discussing here work towards achieving that goal.

#1. Stitcher

If an intuitive and user-friendly interface is your forte, Stitcher should be your prime choice. It would be the best option no matter whether you are looking for the new shows or checking out the favorite shows you have always cherished.

Sign up for the service first and choose at least one of the topics or sources. Once that done, you will begin finding the topics of your interest. In fact, you can continue adding your favorite topics and interests as you move ahead.
Some of the features we would appreciate are

  • You can check out several channels and stations to combine them into a playlist
  • It also lets you listen to a podcast later by adding it to listen to later list
  • You can also connect with other friends on Stitcher.
  • The home screen and the navigation are quite flexible.
  • You should be able to use it across different options.

You can have access to both free and premium options for the app. The Pro version offers you ad-free listening, access to bonus episodes of certain shows, and original exclusive shows of Sticher.

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#2. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is indeed one of the excellent podcast apps available for Android and iOS. It lets you find new and trending podcasts with ease.

The software looks quite neat in terms of the interface. In fact, the interface is what we love the most. The initial screen would offer you the list of featured podcasts. The interface also has meaningful tabs for Trending, <i. Top Rated and Categories.
Some worthwhile features include

  • The categories like Arts, Business, Technology, and Comedy among others would offer you a clear listing of podcasts available.
  • The service also lets you know about the major Podcast stations around the world.
  • The podcast searching is made easy thanks to the filters for searching. You should be able to look for the podcasts of your choice using episode type, playing state, and release date
  • The podcast service also has auto download option you can set up
  • Pocket Casts supports cross-platform synchronization.

The main screen carousel lists the podcasts in the form of the list rather than the thumbnail images. This provides a neater look to the interface.

#3. Podbean

If the curated content is what you are looking ahead to, Podbean should appeal to your needs more than any other similar app. What makes more interesting is the fact that it comes with an app store like appearance that a podcast player.

The home screen has several options to showcase recommendations, top episodes, featured shows and several other categories to choose from. The app comes with all the basic features and playback controls you have come to expect from a podcast app.
Some salient features of the app can be summed up as

  • You can get excellent recommendations based on separate categories like Top 100, audio books and similar other options.
  • The app also lets you upload podcasts. If you want to upload your podcasts, you may also check their pricing.
  • You can add a custom podcast using RSS feed of URL. There is also an option for the OPML file as well.
  • You can opt for the podcast auto download options so that you would be able to download new episodes as and when they are available.

Uploads are limited in the free version. If you want unlimited uploads, you can go for the premium version.

#4. Podcast Republic

The Podcast Republic is yet another capable podcast app for your Android and possibly one of the best podcast apps for Android. The search functionality is quite advanced and allows you to search for episodes and stations in addition to the podcast stations. This is, in fact, the best option that would make it one of the excellent choices for your podcast requirements.

The app is free to use but will serve ads. If you do not want to be annoyed by the apps, you may consider opting for the in-app purchase for the premium features. Some of the features worth mentioning can be summarised as

  • It has options for browsing top charts.
  • You may opt for the new or custom RSS feed by entering the RSS feed URL and importing OPML files.
  • The app lets you listen to radio stations. You can either add the radio stations through URL or search for them.
  • You can download the episodes and arrange them in the multiple playlists.
  • It would also take a backup and restore them.
  • Car Mode is a feature that would be helping you out in using several gestures.

#5. DoggCatcher

DoggCatcher is one more among the best podcast apps for Android. One of the best features of this app is it lets you find the popular feeds on your screen.

The podcast player comes with features like importing OPML files or allowing RSS feeds. The app also lets you use gestures with your app. Some features that would make it an interesting option can be summed up as –

  • The channels are listed out as sorted as top, networks, and categories.
  • You can find the podcasts stations available through the Networks tab.
  • The Categories tab will ensure that you can find the channels based on arts, comedy, technology, and business.
  • You would also find the Recommendations tab as well. This will populate the results based on the searches you have conducted

The only issue we could find with the podcast app is the lack of search option. You would not get a search button on the app, but you would be found it under the Subscribe option.

Before We Take Your Leave

Those are the top five best podcast apps for Android you can use for your needs in podcasts listening. If you search for the podcast apps on Google Play Store, you will indeed find a huge list of them. In fact, the list could indeed be quite intimidating. You may be quite confused as to which one to go for. That is precisely what has prompted us to come up with this list of a few best podcast apps for Android.

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The top five podcast apps we have listed here should be a good option for your podcast requirements. If you are searching for these podcast apps you can easily find them on Google Play Store. If for any reason, you are not able to find the apps of your choice on Play Store, you may check them on the third-party sources for APK files like Next Gen APKs.

Which podcast app would you go with? If you choose any of the apps on our list, do share your experiences, opinions, and views with us. Your feedback will be beneficial for our readers.

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