ZOOM Latest Updates Addresses Major Security Issues


As the employees from all over the globe forced to do work-from-home, the usage of the video meet app ZOOM has dramatically increased in the last few weeks. The Video Meet App ZOOM had around 10 million users by the end of the last year 2019. But with the just 4 months passing in 2020, the user’s count of ZOOM jumps to 300 million daily users around the globe.

Vulnerabilities in Video-Meet App ZOOM 

Though the numbers count increases in recent times, that doesn’t mean that ZOOM App can be highly trusted. And offering valuable services in this challenging time as the entire world is suffering from COVID-19 pandemic. That’s the common thought of the several cyber experts around the globe.

However, in a statement from the ZOOM CEO Eric Yuan, “the ZOOM platform is providing immense services for the workers around the globe in this pandemic situation.” He also added that ZOOM pretty much thrilled and highly motivated to continue its incredible services in upcoming days. And, earn more trust from its users and members around the world.

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Concern Reports on Zoom

Earlier, ZOOM has been severely criticized for its weak privacy and security issues by several users who use ZOOM. Moreover, users even reported that they are facing “ZOOM-bombing” while using the Video-Meet App ZOOM. Nevertheless, the reports start to flood now and then by the users who use the ZOOM app. Here are the lists of few reports

  • Meetings held in the ZOOM app are not as private as many think.
  • Around 500,000 ZOOM user’s credentials are sold in the dark web
  • The chat link offered by ZOOM can steal user’s personal information

As a result of the reports, several companies who concern over their security have moved on to other video meeting app. Hence, skipping the ZOOM video call app. This raises concern to the ZOOM makers. They started to work on strengthening their privacy and security issues.

Launch of Messenger Rooms by Facebook

The vulnerabilities reported by the ZOOM app users. And by witnessing the sudden growth of the Video-Meet app ZOOM around the globe. Facebook started to step up to start rival to ZOOM. Last week, FB had released its free Messenger Rooms which allows 50 members to participate in video call function free of cost.

Followed by that, the world’s leading instant messaging platform Whatsapp which is currently owned by Facebook made an announcement recently. In that announcement, Whatsapp confirmed that it reportedly working to increase the users’ limit on the video calling option. As per the official report, the upcoming Whatsapp update will allow around 8 users to participate in the video calling function.

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Competition to Zoom

Earlier, Whatsapp on its beta version had already tested its video calling function with 4 users at a time. Cyber experts predict that Facebook now looking to provide tough competition to the ZOOM’s growth. Despite several security issues and privacy leakage issues on ZOOM. It is mostly preferred Video-meet app among the people around the globe. Thanks to the easy functionality provided by the developers of ZOOM. Because of that, people around the globe keep on using ZOOM.

However, it is the security flaws not addressed promptly that ZOOM will experience the downfall in the future. In fact, the makers of the ZOOM App had recently announced its updated 5.0 version which resolves all those security flaws. Also. made a promise as, by the end of May, ZOOM will be on a new face with tightening security features. Meanwhile, while addressing those security flaws and privacy leakage. The CEO of ZOOM Eric Yuan made a public apology to the users or members of ZOOM worldwide and said as “We are working together to provide a more secured and better platform to do video call functions at ZOOM”.

ZOOM Security Update

Ever since people around the world start using the Video-meet app ZOOM on this pandemic, the telecommunication becomes easier. Especially between the employers and employees because of the ZOOM app becomes inevitable and most required app for companies and institutes.

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Though, the cloud-based video conferencing mobile application ZOOM provider hassle-free workflow environment. However, to the companies and institutes it is mentioned as a lack of security and privacy issues. On proving that fact several incidents happened around the globe, users of ZOOM faced so much inconvenience and troubles related to the security and privacy issues. That leads to the birth of several rivals in the market over the ZOOM app. To overcome those security issues, recently ZOOM security updates have been released.

The ZOOM 5.0 update comes with several security features which are listed below.

  1. ZOOM-Booming Quick Reporting
  2. Easy Navigation
  3. Default Waiting Room
  4. Default Meeting Passwords
  5. Shrouding Notifications
  6. 256-bit AES-GCM Encryption

How to Get the ZOOM 5.0 update?

Users are advised to update their Video-Meet app ZOOM manually. Yes! You heard it right! Users should download the ZOOM 5.0 update manually from the official website www.zoom.com/download. Meanwhile, Smartphone users will witness their app store opening once they visited that URL from their mobile phones. However, for PC users, link will take you to the download page, where you can download the ZOOM 5.0 update.

The update from ZOOM has been released right after the company implemented the 90-day freeze on new features. It addresses all those prevailing security flaws and to boost its reputation among its users worldwide. With the new ZOOM 5.0 update, users can witness the security icon to the host’s menu bar. By clicking that users can access all those security features provided by ZOOM.

Bottom Line

The action taken by the ZOOM has gained a lot of appreciation among its users. I hope the newly introduced security update ZOOM 5.0 will overcome all those security lacks in ZOOM. With this new ZOOM 5.0 update, ZOOM has ensured that it is keen on converting its Video-Meet App as an amazing platform to do video conferencing activities.