Windows 10 is Almost Ready, are You Ready?

The latest news that we got today is about windows 10. as per Mr. Tom Warren, Windows 10 is completed and reached RTM status along with the build number 10240.

Microsoft will release this new operating system on July 29th to its testing community and this community is followed by many partners. RTM builds are developed and designed for those manufacturers who need the code to prepare new machines ahead of time. For example Dell, it will start selling its windows 10 PC’s from the first day of launch that is from 29 July.

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Windows is designed differently from its previous versions. It would more be a service than Software. There will be constant updates for windows 10. For most of the PC users, the company is offering free upgrades for almost a year; the contrast for this is that it will attract more developers.

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As we all know, the code is completed and it’s out in the market and will lead to the beginning of new windows 10 saga, but at the same time it will lead to the involvement of new lessons which will change according to the updates. So let’s wait and see because this new launch will lead to the list of questions from the users and developers.

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