Why you should advertise on social media channels?


Interaction is key for advertising but never more so than with advertising on social media channels.   Why? Well, these channels are solely dedicated to community interaction, input, sharing of content and collaboration, which is why you should advertise on social media channels as a key part of your digital marketing strategy.

To master the art of advertising on social media channels it is always a good idea to complete a social media course which affords you the most up to date and relevant social media marketing information, tips and tactics.  The social media marketing sphere is constantly evolving so if you want to future-proof your social marketing strategy you’ll need to keep up with all the social media marketing strategies.

Social media boom

We all visit a social media platform once each day, in fact, did you know that the average adult spends just over two hours a day on social media?  That’s a lot of opportunities to get your brand in front of your target audience.

Social media

There is no better time than now to maximise your social media adverting results.  The fact is that social media channels aren’t going away, and you need to advertise on social media channels for

We’ve all witnessed the expansion of all the social media channels, so will social media continue to grow and evolve?  Yes, without a doubt, say all the digital marketing experts.  The trend is more brands are focussing on high-quality, and highly engaging content and the push is towards mobile users.

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Choosing the right social media channel

Should you advertise on Twitter?  How about LinkedIn to streamline your career? Would a Facebook page convert visitors into clients?  Or should you ensure that your brand is visible on all the social media channels?

Most experts agree that when it comes to digital marketing and social media marketing it’s best to do some research and choose a few social media channels that are best suited to your brand.,

First things first

With so many social media channels to choose from the first thing you should ask yourself is which ones are your target audience using?  There is no point in being visible on a social media channel that does not speak to your target audience.  Choosing the right channel to advertise on is vital – so first of all define your audience.

Take a look at the following social media channels, carry out some research and then choose a few to start your social media marketing campaign.

  • Facebook –Being the largest social media channel, everyone, which includes absolutely everyone should be using Facebook to advertise. It’s a great way to promote your business page and inspire conversations and interaction with your target audience.
  • Twitter –Everyone uses Twitter, whether a small company or an international brand, Twitter allows its users to schedule content in advance, which is a handy feature for the busy digital marketing manager.
  • Instagram – Short videos and visual content is the what Instagram shares. The hashtag tool is very useful on this social media channel.
  • LinkedIn – Connecting people to people is LinkedIn’s claim to fame and it does this very well indeed. Create a profile page and connect to like-minded people.
  • YouTube – This channel advertises brands with video content and ads. The reason why it’s good to advertise on this social network is that YouTube videos feature prominently on Google search results.
  • Google+ –
  • Pinterest – Used for creative visual content, Pinterest allows its users to ‘pin’ and ‘re-pin’ posts to boards.

Create social media adverts that grow your brand

As with any digital marketing campaign the point is to grow your brand and increase your conversion rate.  This is why it’s important to advertise on social media channels.  As discussed in this article there are many social media channels and choosing the right one for your brand is important. It’s also important to get the highest return on investment from your social media marketing.

Social media advertising rule number one

Be constantly creative is probably the best tip when it comes to advertising on social media channels.  It can’t be stressed enough that to get, and stay, top of mind with your audience all of your advertising material has to constantly be creative.