Use Pinterest iPad and iPhone Apps to Buy Pins


Get Pinterest iPad and iPhone apps and start buying pins which will help you in shopping from Pinterest. This new way of shopping has been launched for iPhone and iPads as of now. These pins allow retailers to use Shopify and Demandware to buy pins. These new tools allow the retailer to add the buy button along with the product, and the user can easily buy products by making click on that. Users of Pinterest will soon start getting emails about the launch of this new service.

Can I buy anything using Pinterest iPhone apps?

Well, the answer to this question is “NO” as of now. One can find these buy buttons on the pins that are rich. “Rich pins” means the pins that have huge visitors and have more information about the product than the normal pins. Buyers will just click on the buy button and after filling up the payment details, they can easily purchase products. This buy button can be easily be seen in the app’s feature, for example, search and feed.

What report says?

According to the reports, two-third of the pins of Pinterest are pinned by the people who belong from some of the other business websites for the promotion of their own websites. From now, these kinds of people will not be able to promote buyable pins. Pinterest is now working with Braintree to provide services to the merchants like Nordstorm and Neiman-Marcus, it will soon start working with Stripe so that they can give life to its payments.

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This new feature is available only for the people who are using Pinterest iPad and iPhone apps.

What are the benefits?

This new system of shopping will give more benefits to the sellers and they will be able to sell more and more products online. People will now be able to have proper images because Pinterest provides detailed images and they don’t have to say the words like “what a dress, I wish I have that” because they can buy it.

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Let us see how Pinterest will be in terms of deals and discounts.


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