Use open cellular platform of Facebook in remote area


Facebook is the biggest platform that connects people to each other worldwide. The aim of this website is to connect maximum individuals with each other globally, and they are really working hard for that. Recently Facebook has launched a new open-source wireless platform for remote areas. Now people connect with each other from remote areas too.

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Facebook launched solar-powered drones that help to connect people with each other on the ground. This includes both urban and rural areas. This is an affordable wireless platform to a remote area. This is a new open-source both hardware and software.

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Facebook engineer Kashif Ali revealed, One of the reasons the expansion of cellular networks has stalled is that the ecosystem is constrained. Traditional cellular infrastructure can be very expensive, making it difficult for operators to deploy it everywhere and for smaller organizations or individuals to solve hyperlocal connectivity challenges. It’s often unaffordable for them to attempt to extend network access in both rural and developed communities. It is studied that Ali co-founded Endaga previously. This is quite similar to Facebook which was working to connect with people worldwide.

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If we talk about Facebook, then open cellular platform carries two systems. One is for baseband computing and general and second is to handle the actual ratio of people gathering on-site. Now you must connect with Facebook, and you will now connect with remote areas with this new feature of the open cellular platform. Get registered now.

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