How to Unblock Youtube at School or Work


Unblock Youtube at School or Work: YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming services and does not need any sort of introduction. It has indeed been the most searched website after, perhaps Google. Gone are the days when it was just a small video sharing website. It has now grown to be a sort of internet community for video enthusiasts. However, you may find it blocked in some areas – schools and offices to be precise. How to unblock YouTube? The tips here below should be practical enough.

Why is YouTube blocked?

Well, YouTube is an excellent service in itself. However, you may find it blocked at your school or office. Why is it blocked – to be precise?

There are government restrictions in some cases for the purposes best known to the government organizations. There are three countries as of now that have blocked your access to YouTube – China, North Korea, and Iran. The reason is that these countries do not want their population to be affected by a foreign culture.

In some instances, YouTube itself may restrict the use of YouTube in a few areas at their own discretion. Whatever be the reason, there are ways you can unblock YouTube sites. Let us check out a few options that would help you get access to unblocked YouTube sites.

Some other worthy examples where YouTube would be blocked can include increased employee productivity as well. YouTube block at school is aimed at making the students focus on their studies.

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Unblock YouTube with a Proxy

The cheapest option you can employ for unblocking YouTube is to use a web proxy. Thee are several high-end proxy services that can be good enough to unblock YouTube with ease. However, take care to use the proxy server to watch YouTube videos alone. Do not use it for other services.

You can use plenty of proxy services for accessing YouTube or unblock YouTube. However, do note that free proxy services may not be reliable enough. It may be a great idea to use the paid ones as they will have the right security services in place. If you do not want to spend on the paid proxy services, it may be a good idea to check the right ones by going through the reviews.

Unblock YouTube with a VPN

Yet another excellent option to unblock YouTube at school would be to opt for an excellent VPN service. The VPN service lets you fake your location, and thus you should be able to access YouTube without any sort of hiccups. VPNs can also bypass the geographical restrictions and can be an excellent option to access a wide range of web services not available in your region.

Yet another excellent advantage that a VPN service offers you would include staying past parental controls or admin permissions. A high-end option will cost you money, but it should be the best option to go with. There are a few free VPNs that can be quite helpful in having access to the unblocked YouTube sites. Do note that a few free VPN services may sell your personal data. A few good options in this context may be ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

Unblock YouTube with HTTPS

Ideally, the programs that block access to certain websites are found to enter the website address with just Http://. You can only change the website URL to include https://. That can help you get access to the best possible performance with the unblocked YouTube sites.

Another simple trick would be to change the DNS address of your server. Since most of the services that block you would ideally block the services on their own server. If you can change the DNS of your servers, you would find that the block will be gone. Some web browsers let you perform these changes while you can perform them on your computer as well.

Download the videos without unblocking YouTube

If none of the methods here are helpful to unblock YouTube, it may be worthwhile to check if you can download the videos without having to unblock your YouTube installation. Several services and websites can be helpful enough to download the videos from YouTube.

If you are aware of the URL of the video you want to download, you can use these services to download the videos directly onto your computer. The right option would be to search for the video on Google. You should find the URL visible in the search results. Copy this URL onto the website address on your service, and you should be able to download it rather easily enough.

Use Tor Browser to unblock YouTube

The Tor browser is an excellent option for achieving the best options to unblock YouTube. It is a secure internet browser and lets you access the content entirely anonymously. Just download it for free and use it to unblock your YouTube videos.

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The data is transferred to you through its own network servers, and thus no one will have access to your content. No one – whether network administrators, ISPs, and even hackers – can have access to your online activity. However, you may not be able to experience the kind of speed, as in the case of unblocked videos.

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In Conclusion

YouTube access may be limited by either firewalls, geo-blocking, or other reasons in your region. However, the best option to have access to YouTube would be to use a perfect VPN service. It would be an excellent option for having the best, easiest, and fastest access to the unblocked YouTube videos.

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Check out the options outlined in the above discussion and check out the best options to unblock YouTube and watch your favorite videos without any issues. While VPN would be an excellent option for achieving the right options in choosing the right and greatest ever experience. We assume that the tips here should definitely help you get access to a world-class experience with unblocked YouTube sites.