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Rooting an Android is what every one of us, especially from the tech world, wants to achieve with our smartphones. There are several methods that have evolved over the years and claim to help you root your device without any need to go into the elaborate configuration requirements. One such able tool that has gone quite popular over the past few years is Towelroot. Developed by one of the most popular developers on the XDA Developers Forum, Towelroot can effectively root any Android currently available with ease.

What Is Root?

Well, you have hit this page is a clear indication that you know what is the root or the procedure called rooting. However, for the benefit of those who are unaware of what exactly is the root and how can it be helpful in improving the performance of your Android smartphone, it would be advisable to understand the basic concepts involved in rooting.

Rooting is a term that denotes having access to the root folder of a device. Just like what a system folder on your laptop or device does, the root folder does with a smartphone. Having access to this folder makes you a Super User. Don’t be confused that’s another term coined by the tech world for the System Administrator status that you gain when you have access to the root folder. Simply put, Rooting enables you to access to those parts of the Android system that you have not been allowed to.

TowelRoot APK What It Is?

TowelRoot was developed by one of the well-known hackers of our time, George Francis Hotz Alias Geohot. He claims the app to be a universal root unblocker. What that means is the TowelRoot app is capable of handling the rooting of almost all Android smartphones available.

That is yet another query that may be worrying about the newbies. What is the purpose of rooting your device? There are many benefits, which we will be covering in finer detail in the latter part of this post, but let us go through a few basic points in this section.

Why Would One Need to Root An Android?

The major purpose of rooting an Android device is to change a few parameters so that the device performance can be improved. You may feel your device has gone slower over the years and want it to regain a little life. Or maybe you want to enhance the battery performance. The ability to install the Operating system updates even before they are available for your model is one of the prime reasons why many Android fans vouch for rooting.

Well, if you want to root your Android device and gain access to the systems folder on your device, you will need a tool or an app that would help you achieve it. There are several apps that have been developed so that you need not go through the step by step procedure for rooting your device. In such a scenario, a single step gone wrong can brick your device and render it unusable.

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A one-click option to root your device does away the need for the detailed procedure and following those elaborate steps carefully. TowelRoot is an app that helps you root your Android with a single click operation.

In fact, the app has an interesting beginning to it. There are a few Android devices that have been impossible to crack using regular methods. The Samsung Galaxy S5 can be a perfect case in point. XDA Developer Forum had even raised a challenge back in 2010 and announced a huge bounty for anyone who develops an app that can root the Galaxy S5. Geohot found the opportunity interesting and went away with the bounty.

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TowelRoot is available as a free download on, however recently the download requests for a donation,

Towelroot APK  What Are The Benefits?

Before we proceed to download and install Towelroot APK on your phone, let us go through the benefits of using it. Some of them are obvious, but still, we thought compiling them together would give a clear idea to our readers.

  • Super Easy Functionality That is precisely what makes it the best root app you have ever found. The app lets you root your Android with a single click. It is indeed one of the best one-click rooting app available for Android platforms.
  • Completely Free App The app is entirely free to use. That should make it yet another best feature for a root app.
  • Get the OS Updates Even Before They Are Available for You That should be one of the prime reasons to opt for Towelroot APK. You can install and enjoy the updates to the latest iterations of the operating system.
  • Safety Against Bricking Towelroot APK does not brick your device if it does not work on yours. If your smartphone does not have the exploit used by the app, no harm is done to it.
  • Better Performance You would be able to use a few root-only apps that can help you improve performance and battery life. Rooting will definitely enhance your device performance and battery life.

Do note that these are just a few benefits associated with Towelroot APK. As you use it further, you will come to know other benefits that the tool provides you.

Towelroot APK in a Nutshell

App Name: Towelroot

Developer Geohot

Latest Version  V 3.0

App Size  1.0 MB

Compatibility Android 4.0 and above

Download Link

How To Download Towelroot APK?

Well, the options involved are quite simple and easy to use. You can download the Towelroot APK onto your phone and install it so that you can get the route privileges for your Android smartphone. Sadly enough, the app is not available on Google Play Store. And the reasons can be quite obvious. The app deals with hacking and may not be available on any official app store.

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But, you need not worry. You can download the app from the official store. You can go through the steps as offered here below. However, if you have not installed any app using its APK file, you may need to enable the Unknown Sources options. You can do it by following these steps here

  • Go to the Settings app on your Android.
  • Look for the tabs Privacy, Applications, or Security under Settings.
  • You should now get the option of enabling Unknown Sources under any of these tabs. It will depend upon the device model and manufacturer of the device.
  • Enable the Unknown Sources by toggling the option for the same.

Once you have enabled the option for Unknown Sources, you can easily install the Towelroot APK. Here is how

  • Download the Towelroot APK file from the official link Here >> Towelroot Apk Download
  • Save the file at an appropriate location on your phone.
  • Tap on the file to begin the installation. Confirm when prompted.
  • Wait for the installation to continue.
  • Launch the app when installed.

How to Root Your Android Using Towelroot APK

Well, didn’t we say that the app works as a one-click option for rooting your device? That is precisely what it does and that is the reason we do not need to have any tutorial for the purpose of understanding how to use it.

Now that you have already downloaded and installed the Towelroot APK, it should not be rocket science to use it to root your Android smartphone in just under a minute.

  • Launch the Towelroot app on your Android.
  • Once it launches, you should see the option Make It Ra1n.
  • Just tap on this option.
  • If your device is compatible, you will be taken to the next step.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • If your phone is compatible, it will reboot.

Voila! That should do it. You have successfully rooted your Android device using the Towelroot APK. Please note that in case your device is not supported (which could be an unlikely case), nothing on your phone will be harmed. Your device will not brick and will continue to works as it normally does.

Requirements To Run Towelroot APK

Well, there isn’t any huge list that would need you to take care of before moving on to try the app on your device. Towelroot APK is supported on almost all Android smartphones and as such the list of supported devices can indeed be quite huge.

However, since the app does not brick your device if the exploit that the tool makes use of is not available on your device. It either is compatible and roots your device or does not work with your device and leave it a state it has been before you gave it a try.

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Do note that you will need to be on at least Android 4.0 or higher if you want to use Towelroot APK on your device to root it. In fact, what makes it one of the most preferred apps when it comes to rooting is its support for even the so-called tough to crash devices. Some such devices that Towelroot can work with include

  • Nexus 5
  • Galaxy Note 3
  • Galaxy S5
  • Sony Xperia

Is it Safe To Use Towelroot APK?

That would be a question that may be a little tough to respond to. Rooting apps come with their own set of inconveniences. Maybe you should be ready to accept them as well along with the positive aspects that have been outlined here above.

To begin with, rooting will void your warranty. If something goes wrong, your device may go useless. However, there have been claims that the tool does work efficiently without any issues like bricking being observed. It will not harm your device if it is not compatible with your device for any reason.

A rooted device is always prone to security vulnerabilities. The entire Android ecosystem on the device stands exposed to the hacking community at large. Well, most of the popular custom ROMs do take care of the privacy concerns and maybe the risk is somewhat reduced. But, still being a tooted device is always at risk at one time or the other.

One of the other disadvantages of using a rooted device would be the lack of support for some high-end apps. Banking apps, to be more precise. Do not work with the rooted devices for obvious reasons. If you want those apps badly and do not have a secondary phone that the apps can work on them rooting may be a no-go option for you.

Agreed, rooting is what can void your warranty, but we do not think it is worth the attempt gave the fact that rooting does offer you several benefits that a locked device may not be able to come with.

Concluding Thoughts

Well, Towelrot APK has been gathering a lot of popularity these days. It has more to do with the people being more receptive to the idea of rooting their Android devices. With the rise of tech-savvy nature among us, rooting an Android is not seen as something risky. From that perspective, it would indeed be quite practical to go for the Towelroot APK which offers you the easiest ever functionality when it comes to the other rooting apps available.

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Do not hesitate to download Towelroot APK today and we are sure that you will have nothing to worry about the functionality that it has on offer for you. Please note that rooting does not change anything on your device except that it provides you access to the system folders on your device. What you will make use of rooting is what should depend upon what you want to do with.

Install the root-only apps so that you can improve the performance of your smartphone, or enjoy the custom ROMs that make your Android completely new. Or if you want you may decide just to root your device and leave it at that. Whatever you want to do, you are free to, but root your device because it is indeed worth it.