Torrent- The World where peers get connected via Sharing


The modernization of technology has made you all aware that torrent is the best procedure for downloading any kind of data comprising any file at free of cost. Even you can get those files on torrent sites that are pirated and banned. So torrent is the most frequently used process for sharing data over the internet. Though it promotes mainstream piracy but has a maximum number of global acceptance.

About torrent and torrent sites:

Actually Torrent is a kind of extension of a file that consists of aggregate information about torrent trackers and other related matters. It means that the containing files mark to begin download from seeders and leechers as well.

It is why the downloading speed of a torrent file is dependent on the components as a number of seeders, leechers, and peers. Best torrent sites ensure you these components inadequate numbers which guarantee that downloading speed would be at the highest level.

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Torrent sites ranks are all about its backlinks:

There is another thing called backlinks which are needed to position any site as the highest in search engines like Google. Practically a search engine determines the number of backlinks for a particular site.

On the basis of that, the site is assigned a rank in the search engine. Best torrent sites try to get as many backlists as possible in order to secure its position in the search engine and to become the most visited torrent sites.

The fundamental principle of peer-to-peer Sharing:

In the real world, if all desire a particular thing, it will lead to a pandemonium, but in the world of torrents, it is the fundamental principle that is followed. It actually denotes that when you go to a particular link and click on it to download something, you come under a relation, which is known as peer-to-peer sharing.

This relationship is not reciprocal because while maintaining this relationship you need not share anything initially but you will be shared. The best torrent sites always look after this peer-to-peer sharing.

How peer-to-peer Sharing actually work?

Now the question arises here how does peer-to-peer sharing work?. Take a case that a large number of users around the world are downloading the same file, which means while downloading each user is sharing it with others by uploading its small portions. So here what remains as your profit when you are downloading something from the torrent sites?

It is that you do not need the total downloaded file before start sharing. When you receive just a single particle of the file, automatically the exchange goes on, and you are given a complete file bit-by-bit. The best torrent sites ensure you that after you receive a minimum nano-percentage of a file, you can start sharing it.

Public & Private Torrent Trackers:

Now coming to the varieties of websites listing torrents, you have understood so far that some torrent sites are reliable than others. But you may not be aware of that on the basis of trackers, and the torrent can divide into two kinds-

(i)Private torrent tracker and

(ii) public torrent tracker.

As it has a public nature, anybody can quickly access public torrent trackers at any time. Private means its access is restricted, until and unless you are not invited by another member, you would not be able to access it.

Sometimes private trackers demand the same amount of sharing that you download. The leading or the best torrenting sites are obviously a form of the public torrent tracker which does not demand anything from you, not even the least sharing.

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Advantages of using the best Torrent Sites:

As the best torrent sites are basically a form of the public torrent tracker, you will get every new movie, show, album, and the old and popular files as well. And for that, you just need to find the file on torrent site by using popular shorthand. The moment you use the shorthand, you will come through the options of a vast number of seeders.

It has been mentioned that good torrent sites previously always ensure a large number of seeders and peers which on their part facilitate the speed, and faster you go, and your device has the least chance of getting infected by the virus or damaged by fake files.

More Seeders are needed than the Leechers:

The best torrent sites make you sure that, the site you are accessing has a number of seeders than the leechers. Because a leecher denotes a user who is also downloading the file and sharing it as well and that leecher will become a seeder only when it download it complete. So if a torrent site has an increasing number of leechers, then it will cause slower downloading speed.

Not only the Speed; Quality also matters:

Quality is another important issue that can come next. This is mainly applicable in the case of video files because the quality of a particular file gets affected when it is forcefully compressed into smaller and poorer files.

The best torrent sites generally contain good quality files, and those sites also provide you with the facility of magnet link which is different than that of a general torrent file. It enables you to get access without using the central tracker.

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A real Community of Seeders is always desirable:

In the end, it should be mentioned that the best torrenting sites continually aim at making a real community of seeders. It is because once you have downloaded the file, you have promoted to the status of a seeder.

which means now you have been empowered to upload data to the other clients connected to the tracker. Seeding is one of the important activities which helps to keep torrents alive because nobody will be able to download a single file without seeding.

Which means now you have been empowered to upload data to the other clients connected to the tracker. Seeding is one of the important activities which helps to keep torrents alive because nobody will be able to download a single file without seeding.

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Conclusion It is an excellent service what makes one the best

So in conclusion, it can be said that the best torrenting sites are the best service provider regarding speed, content, and internal securities as it possesses a large seeder community, millions of quality contents, and less chance of virus affecting.

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So before you go to download a movie from the internet, you should make sure that you have had the list of good and popular torrent sites in your hand and you are going to access them because it is quite obvious that you are quite conscious of the well being of your device.


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