Top interesting facts about colleges you should know


If you have never been to college, these facts are going to tempt you to; if you have been to college, these facts are going to shock you. Whos up for an interesting read?

College Life: Good or Bad?

If you ask me whether the college life is good or bad, all I can say is that it is a mixture of both. You experience both, good as well as the bad, things when you are in college. You meet new people, go on dates with people you thought you never be able to impress, sit together to make notes with your classmates, give group presentations, and learn the importance of teamwork. The good experiences allow you to leave the door of college with a bag full of memories.

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On the other hand, there are a few bad experiences and ugly memories as well that you carry while leaving your college. No doubt you can search for cheap essays to buy to learn about all those professional writers that can do the assignment writing and complete jobs for you, but that’s not the only stress that you have when you are in college. Don’t forget that you get bullied too and that’s what scares you about the world outside. However, such bad and negative experiences make you a wiser and stronger person. Such experiences make you realize how you should not treat others.

If you are planning to join a college, here are a few interesting facts that you must know:

  • College is all about learning
  • entrance exams
  • some colleges are expensive

Going to a college is not just about having fun: Gone are the days when the college was just about fun, it is about getting into the running race of life since it teaches you everything that you need to do. You don’t choose a college; a college chooses you: This is something that you realize when you look at the Harry Potter series. You fall in love with Hogwarts, even though it is a school. It is right that the college chooses you and that’s how you get the admission.

There are a few colleges that host entrance exams before you become a part of them: It may seem like some bad news to you, but it is good that the college checks which student is efficient enough to be a part of it. You make a lot of new best friends when you are in college: Whether you like it or not, you are bound to meet a lot of different kinds of people when you are in college. You get along well with at least a bunch of them.

College Life

As compared to schools, colleges have fewer restrictions: You don’t go through those terrible restrictions when you in college. When you are in school, there are a lot of rules that you have to follow. Almost everybody attending lectures in college is working outside; that’s exactly how they manage the high fees: If your parents can’t afford the fees for your college, you have to work and gather the same on your own. This is how it works.

There are a hell lot of parties that you attend as a college student: Why wouldn’t you want to enjoy parties when you are in the phase of your college life? You feel great with all those parties happening for you and the other students. Female students are often more than the male students in college: If you are a boy, you surely get a lot of crashes when you are in the college phase of your life. Since there are more girls studying with you, you are bound to fall in love as well.

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There are various sports that can be a part of your life (or your LIFE) when you go to college: Whether you are a fan of basketball or football, all the sports can be enjoyed when you go to college. There are special stadiums where you can enjoy playing as a college student. You don’t have to depend upon printed textbooks and notes anymore; most of the colleges allow you to use your tablets to note down the important points of the lectures: Forget about all those eras when the students had to jot down the notes in their books; you are now allowed to carry your very own tablet to your college. Some colleges even provide you with tablets. Need we say more?

Most of the people fall in love when they are in college: It is true that most of the students find their true love when they are in the phase of their college life. You spend so much time with some people that you get attached to them and finally, attracted. Most of the people go through bad breakups when they are in college: It is not that you only fall in love when you are in college, but you go through the bad breakup phases as well. Such phases make you a much stronger person in your life.

College is an Awesome time of your Life

There is nothing that you don’t learn about life as a college student: There is every single thing that you learn about when you are in your college phase. You feel amazed whenever you think about all those things that you have gone through as a college student. Your college changes your behavior for good: Your entire behavior is changed for good. Your college life completely changes you as a person.

Please note that colleges are quite expensive: If you want to get into the college world, you have to be particular about the money that you have in your account. College life is not as cheap as you think. It is quite expensive and you need money for that. Graduating college is not very simple: It is not just about fun when you are at college; studying is equally important.

You can eat all kinds of food when you are in college: Every college has a cafeteria where you can order all types of food that you wish to eat. You can sit with your friends, chat, and get into group studies as well. There are chances for you to get bullied as a college student: Be prepared to get ragged or bullied when you are entering into your college life. You have to handle all such things.

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The college dorm rooms are not as good as they seem in pictures on Google: Don’t dream to stay in a beautiful dormitory; the rooms are not as good as they look in the pictures. College campuses are impressive to keep you (and aspiring students) attracted: College campuses are kept attractive so that more and more students join the college.

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All I know is that every individual should go to college at least once in his life. If you don’t want to have more than a single Masters’s degree, it is completely okay. Visiting a college, attending the lectures, and staying in the dormitory house can change your entire life and your perception of different people. Your college life makes you a better person and for good.