Top Five Best MMORPG Games for Android In 2020


MMORPG games have had a long history. They have been around even from the times when there were no smartphones. The advent of smartphones had moved the MMORPGs to the sidelines. However, things have been changing for the better. The internet usage on smartphones being powerful enough, MMORPGs are making a comeback on smartphones. We will list out our top picks for the best MMORPG games.

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Best MMORPG Android Games you can play

Before moving on to list out the best MMORPG games for Android, let us understand what exactly is an MMORPG Game. MMORPG stands as an acronym for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. A Role-Playing Game essentially needs to you to assume the role of a character. You can decide how your character looks and acquires different skills. In fact, it is you virtually inside the game.

top five mmorpg games andriod 2017

A Massively Multiplayer game would astonish you with the sheer number of co-players. The exact number of players will be dependent on server capacity and network speed. However, there are hardware limitations that may have issues with a game being truly massively multiplayer. Then, the games are completely online. You will need a stable and faster internet connection to be able to play the games.

#1. AdventureQuest 3D

It is, in fact, kind of a pioneer for the genre. AdventureQuest 3D has been around since 2002. Initially launched as AdventureQuest, the game has jumped on the 3D bandwagon thirty years after its initial launch.

One of the features that make it a great option is its multi-platform functionality. The game is available on iOS, Windows, and Android. You can begin your game on one of the platforms and continue on the other. One of the newest entrants in the realm of MMORPG games, AdventureQuest 3D, has support for chat and other social engagement.

The game is still under development and has been in Open Beta. As such, it may have a few bugs. However, we foresee a promising future.

#2.Izanagi Online

If you are looking for a game that is different from the lot, Izanagi Online can be a perfect option. The game is well known for its impressive graphics and visuals.

The Izanagi Online offers a broad range of dungeons you can explore. That would make it a perfect game by a significant replay value. It is free to play and features ninja-style gameplay. The action combat modes in the game are interesting and involving. A larger world to explore can be the best feature of the game.

If a challenging mobile game is what you are looking for, we recommend Izanagi Online as the prime choice.

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#3. Toram Online

Toram Online is a unique game in its right. The game is perfectly made for mobile. Developed by Asobimo Inc., the game ensures you get high-end graphics and beautiful scenery.

The game is indeed a sequel to another popular game IrunaOnline. The game features four different weapons. You have access to a huge list of appearance customization for your characters. The story is quite engaging and features dramatic scenes and dialogues.

The game is a perfect multiplayer online game with practically thousands of players simultaneously. Exciting music and the scenic beauty of your game is a plus point that should drive you to this game.

#4. Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5 is indeed a popular MMORPG Game for Android. It is one of the newer games and may have a few bugs.

Dungeon Hunter 5 offers you multiple playing modes  Single Player Mode, Co-op Mode, and PvP Mode. Developed by Gameloft, who is a veteran in mobile gaming, the game indeed keeps the interest alive with each new version. Dungeon Hunter 5 is no different. There have been visual improvements. New stories have been developed.

A worthy sequel to Dungeon Hunter 4, the game impresses with graphics and the storyline.

#5. Celtic Heroes

However, it is one of the good games with the Celtic concept. It can be treated as a different genre in comparison to the fantasy-based games we typically find in the MMORPG genre.

Celtic Heroes is an excellent 3D game. The 3D engine is quite impressive with its performance. You will find almost all the features you would be found in a PC MMORPG game. Celtic Heroes brings the PC style gaming to mobile thereby bringing the portability to the MMORPG arena.

Great graphics and excellent content can be the features that make it one of the popular games on your mobile. However, UI is something that needs attention. The game keeps getting constant and regular updates. We would expect the UI is opting for a face change.

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The Final Thoughts

Consequently, the realm of MMORPG gaining is entirely developing. Mobile technology is growing. There are many improvements in internet technology. With consistent and faster internet becoming the order of the day, we can expect improvements. That would bring in more advancements in the MMORPG arena.

What do you think about the MMORPG titles featured in this post?. We are sure one of them will appeal to you. If you believe that we have missed any of the games that are worthy of being on this list, we welcome you to share your opinions with us.


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