Have you got new Android Smartphone this year? If yes then you are going to experience new best Android mobile apps of 2016 this year with lots of facilities. Now a days mobiles have become the trend for this modern world where everyone is becoming fond of Mobile apps, and thus mobile apps have become in high demand.

If you are planning to buy the smartphones launching in the year 2016, then just go ahead, and we have prepared a list of best Android mobile apps of 2016 for you to download for both iPhones and Android Smartphones.

Here is the list of 10 best Android mobile apps of 2016 you must have on your device


If you are wanting to lose more 2 pounds along with your diet regime this app going to help you losing those pounds as it is the best app which focuses on a short, high-intensity routine which involves weight loss and improving your cardiovascular functions. This app does not ask for weight and height as it shows exercises perfect for your everyday lifestyle. Keep this best android mobile app of 2016 on your mobile which is helpful losing weight.

Download 7 Minute Workout App from  iTunes, Play Store

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Chrome Beta is the new version of the browser of 2016 which is an advanced level of chrome and is coming up with many features. One can easily download and install chrome beta for Andriod, but it comes to a bit difficulty level for iOS where you need to signup for chrome beta program first then confirm your email, then google will review your application and give you access to chrome beta for iOS.

Chrome Beta for iOS joining or signup link: Chrome Beta for iOS

Download Chrome Beta From  Play Store


No need of iPod as this app is perfect music station for all your needs, in this app, you can create your own playlists also which is quite interesting. You can migrate to Radio and to your music collection on demand within few click in the app. It also allows users to add youtube channel playlists, RSS News Feeds and much more exciting features. One should never judge anything before trying, this app is worth a try.

Download Podcast And Radio Addict from- iTunes  Not Available, Play Store


Ah well! You may have heard about Netflixa large online premium video streaming hub. A something similar to Netflix is Hulu. Hulu is an entertainment app for your mobile device in which you can watch movies and TV shows with free service. Here in Hulu, you can watch all your favorite television channels in HD with ease. Checkout the list of channels you can found in this app and get amazed.

Download Hulu from  iTunes, Play Store


This app contains many features like 200 filters, NFC Photo sharing and lots of one touch fixing tools. This app is a new experience for photographers so must use. It is one of those apps where you upload your random picture and start editing with online or offline filters. Whereas in camera 360 you can professionally edit your pictures and add professional editing tools and all themed funny stickers & motion stickers, art filters, poster templates and video effects to your images.

Download Camera 360 from –iTunes, Play Store


This is an education app which will help you teach higher studies like science, maths, physics related. This is resulting as best android mobile app of 2016 for students. This app is generous and almost all videos are free to watch and learn.

If you are worried about practical assessments, dont worry you can even continue your practical works in this app. This app is so popular it even features many popular exam coaching and interacting videos like SAT, GMAT, or MCAT. Make sure you download this app and make some difference in your life from now.

Download Khan Academy from –iTunes, Play Store

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Kids are becoming smarter than us when comes with mobile, so parental control is needed this way. This app helps restricting childrens from using unwanted apps than can be opened only through pin code. This app also prevents children from sending messages or downloading other apps, and even you can set the time limit for how much you want them to use.

Download Kids Place Parental Control from  iTunes  Not Available, Play Store


You believe you are a music curator, DJ professional and music lover, well Caustic 3 is the app waiting for you to install it on your smartphone. Its the latest version of mobile music app where you can make music on your own. By the help of drum and 14 synthesizers, you can create the perfect sound. T gives good result and is the best app when you bored.

Download Caustic 3 from  iTunes, Play Store


Google Drive is one of my favorite cloud storage app which provides us with extra GBs storage facility free where we can store our personal data without issue. It has been synced up with Google Docs office suite.

Download Google Drive from  iTunes, Play Store

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Are you using Whatsapp and Facebook for your social interaction with friends? Now the new contender for these apps has come forward that is one messaging app to rule them all. Have you heard of this type of app?

If no, then yes its new best Android mobile app of 2016 that is relatively new on the scene, and the name is DRUPE. Drupe can display your whole contact list then lets you contact people using any apps you are having on your mobile like WhatsApp, SMS, Skype, etc. this one app can use any messaging app you want.

Download Drupe Contacts And Dialer iTunes  Not Available, Play Store


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