As now we have our smartphones and tablets in our hand, with some cool features and incredible performance, next thing we were always looking for are some cool apps which can match both our device and our requirements. As the demands of the different users vary accordingly, like surfing the net, exploring the world, for travel, for educational purposes, and for entertainment, here we have listed the different best apps for Android tablets for various uses.

In general, people buy a tablet for a bigger screen and enhanced entertainment experience. If you do some creative work, then big screens of tablets let you work efficiently and precisely.

So, given below is a list of best apps for Android tablets, categorized accordingly.

For Surfing the Net

Apps for android tablets

As we know, Google Chrome is the most widely used app for internet surfing. Apart from this, a lot more apps are available to serve the same purpose. Another app for Android tablets is Pushbullet. Pushbullet can be used for sharing links across devices. Next in the list is Mighty Text, which can be used to get pop-up notifications from your phones. Also, Pocket can be utilized for saving articles and documents for offline reading.

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For Exploring the World

apps for android tablets

Most popularly used an app for exploring the Earth is Google Earth, which is now even available with street view and underwater view (can be used to find Loch Ness Monster). You can use NASA App for exploring the universe, and Star Tracker, for learning more about constellations. Most obvious, most popular, and most widely used app for searching the maps is Google Maps.

Fun Learning for Kids

apps for android tablets

Educational Games For Kids is an app that will help your child learn the basics in a fun way. Another app is Music Hero, for interactive music jams and also an epic game, Marble Mixer is on the list.

Apps for Travelling

apps for android tablets

Skyscanner is a vital app for travelers. Using Skyscanner, you can search for all the available flights to your destinations. Next in the list is Triposo World Traveller Guide, to get awesome on-the-ground information about your next destination. The most important app, a traveler must be having in his tablet is Trip Advisor.

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For Watching Movies

Apps for android tablets

A player, which can play all the movies and videos of different formats, is MX Player, and another app that serves almost the same purpose is VLC Media Player, which is also the top choice of the PC users. These are the best apps for Android tablets.

Apps for Creativity

apps for android tablets

Now for serving the purpose of photo editing, the top apps are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Clover Point. These best apps for Android tablets provide the essential filters and effects for the best use. Although the clover point is a bit expensive ($ 7.56), but it’s worth it.

Apps for Productivity

apps for android tablets

One of the best apps for Android tablets, which provide tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint for the Android format is Microsoft Office. Now your tablet will work like your pc. There is another app Swiftkey, for enhanced typing experience.

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Apart from this, we give below the list of top 10 apps; you must download from the play store.

  1. Adobe (photo editing)
  2. Amazon Kindle (reading)
  3. CamScanner and Xodo PDF Reader and Editor (document scanning)
  4. Clover Point (for art)
  5. Flipboard (news reading)
  6. Google Drive Suite (cloud storage)
  7. HERE Maps (maps)
  8. Last Pass (password management)
  9. Pushbullet (connect device)
  10. Zedge (notification customization)


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