The Richest People in the World of Cryptocurrencies


Forbes magazine recently published a list of the richest people who store their wealth in cryptocurrencies. According to this information, there are currently 19 people in the world whose cryptocurrency portfolio is at least $350 million.

Only men were at the top of the list. They collect and store their assets in different ways, but they are all creators of large cryptocurrency projects, exchanges, or brokerage platforms that help to create free Forex trading signals, and so on. Many of them also became investors in profitable mining companies.

Topping the list is Chris Larsen, 57, creator and CEO of Ripple (XRP). Undoubtedly, he is currently the richest person in the world of cryptocurrencies. He owns 5.2 billion XRP tokens with a total volume of $7.5-8 billion.

The next person in the ranking is estimated to have 1-5 billion cryptocurrencies. This is Joseph Lubin, 53, who was one of the co-founders of the Ethereum platform as a financial investor. In addition, he created Consensys, a company that helps companies in 28 countries use cryptocurrencies and make money from it.

Chris Larsen ($7.5- $8 billion)

Larsen is the co-founder and project leader of Ripple (XRP). At the age of 57, Larsen personally owns 5.2 billion XRP tokens, a cryptocurrency launched by Ripple, which helped him to earn  $7.5- $8 billion in cryptocurrency income.

Joseph Lubin ($1- $5 billion)

Joseph Lubin lives in Toronto. He is a former employee of Goldman Sachs Bank who became a co-founder and investor of the Ethereum platform. In addition, Lubin is also the founder of Consensys, a company operating in 28 countries around the world, helping to launch and make profitable cryptocurrency businesses.

Changpeng Zhao ($1- $2 billion)

The 41-year-old founder and current CEO of the Binance project created the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in less than 7 months. Zhao oversaw the expansion of his project to three countries around the world, which allowed him to attract 6 million users. Zhao was able to earn $1- $2 billion on cryptocurrencies.

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss ($0.9- $1.1 billion)

Well known as Facebook developers involved in lengthy lawsuits against Mark Zuckerberg, the Winklevoss brothers returned to “big business” after receiving compensation from the Facebook CEO and invested some of their money in cryptocurrency. The Winklevoss started working with cryptocurrency back in 2012. The 36-year-old twins created a cryptocurrency exchange in New York, the volume of transactions on which today is $300 million daily. The Winklevoss earned about a billion on cryptocurrencies.

Matthew Mellon ($0.9- $1 billion)

Matthew Mellon belongs to one of America’s oldest banking families. Mellon was one of the first investors in the XRP token, a product of Ripple. Despite all the warnings from friends and family, Mellon continued to invest in XRP, thanks to which he was able to make a fortune of about a billion dollars.

Brian Armstrong ($0.9– $1 billion)

Armstrong is a 35-year-old founder and project manager of Coinbase, one of the most successful and popular US-based cryptocurrency exchanges. Armstrong created Coinbase back in 2012, his competent investments allowed him to work a fortune of about a billion dollars.

Matthew Roszak ($0.9- $1 billion)

The owner of Bloq and the first founder of Tally Capital, Matthew Roszak was one of the earliest investors in Bitcoin, starting in the business back in 2011. Roszak donated his first bitcoin tokens to Richard Branson and Bill Clinton. His fortune, earned on cryptocurrencies, is about a billion.

Anthony Di Iorio ($0.8- $1 billion)

Di Yorio is one of the founders of the Ethereum platform, as well as Jaxx – one of the best Bitcoin wallets 2020, and Decentral. His timely investments allowed Di Iorio to earn close to a billion by the age of 43.

Brock Pierce ($0.7- $1 billion)

The 37-year-old businessman acted in films as a child. However, he became one of the first cryptocurrency investors. He has created several successful cryptocurrency companies. Among them are Master Coin, Coinbase, and Ethereum. In addition, Pierce also heads the Bitcoin Foundation.

Michael Novogratz ($0.7- $1 billion)

Novogratz is well known as the manager of the Fortress Investment Group hedge fund. He left this company in 2015 to focus on cryptocurrencies, although his first cryptocurrency investments were made back in 2013. Now Novogratz is the project manager for Galaxy Digital. The 53-year-old entrepreneur was able to earn about a billion on cryptocurrencies.

Brendan Bloomer ($0.6- $0.7 billion)

The 31-year-old entrepreneur was born in Iowa, although his main business projects are located in Hong Kong. Bloomer has conducted one of the most successful ICOs worth over $1 billion for the EOS.IO platform, a competitor to the Ethereum platform.

Dan Larimer ($0.6- $0.7 billion)

Larimer previously worked as a software developer in the US military industry. Dan stopped this activity due to frustration with a system that violates freedom and human rights. Larimer is the developer of three blockchain platforms, including the founder of the EOS.IO project.

Valery Vavilov ($0.5- $0.7 billion)

Observations of the financial collapse of the USSR and the loss of his parents led to Vavilov’s interest in decentralized technologies. Vavilov is now the founder of Bitfury, one of the largest mining firms in the world.

Charles Hoskinson ($0.5- $0.6 billion)

The 30-year-old entrepreneur served as CEO of the Ethereum blockchain platform until the board of directors invited him to leave the position. After this story, he founded his own company, IOHK, which helps large companies, government agencies, software development services, and educational institutions to implement cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Brad Garlinghouse ($0.4- $0.5 billion)

After graduating from Harvard, Brad Garlinghouse has worked for many technology companies, including AOL and Yahoo. The 47-year-old businessman is now the CEO of Ripple, a company that creates blockchain solutions for large banks.

Barry Silbert ($0.4- $0.5 billion)

Silbert became famous after the creation of the Second-Market exchange on Wall Street, invented specifically to sell unusual assets. The 41-year-old businessman is now the head of the Digital Currency Group, the company that, in particular, owns the CoinDesk website.

Vitalik Buterin ($0.4- $0.5 billion)

A 24-year-old former friend of Peter Thiel, Buterin founded the Ethereum platform, which currently has a value of more than $100 billion. He now works with Microsoft, BP, and JP Morgan.

Tim Draper ($0.4- $0.5 billion)

The 59-year-old founder of Draper Associates is one of the leading investors in Silicon Valley. Draper has a long history of investing in bitcoins and is a cryptocurrency enthusiast who believes that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will contribute to the development of world trade.

While some on the list of cryptocurrency wealthy laid the foundations for their fortunes in the early years of the market, just after the emergence of bitcoin, in 2009-2012, the ranking also includes those who made their money after the launch of Ethereum or even several successful ICOs projects launched after the summer of 2015. The average age of the participants on this list is only 42 years. By comparison, the richest Americans on the Forbes list have an average age of 67.

Since the cryptocurrency market is very volatile and cryptocurrency prices fluctuate in large ranges, this particular ranking of the richest people can change very quickly.

Currently, more and more new cryptocurrency projects are being implemented and new projects are being created. If one turns out to be successful, its creators can easily enter this list.


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