Innovative Things Happening With The Future Of Car Tech


Do you ever feel like automotive tech moves at a slower pace than other technology industries? You’re probably not wrong, but that has a lot to do with the immense cause of building and launching a new vehicle. It’s not like a smartphone; development takes years and millions of dollars.

But if you’re ever feeling disheartened, look back at an old-timey photograph. As early as 1901, people were still getting around the streets of NYC in horse and buggy.

Now, you can see all kinds of cars that were unimaginable back then. And we’re only moving forward. Actually, experts believe that the automotive industry is advancing at a faster pace than ever before, thanks to eco-friendly option and tech add-ons.

Here’s what we might expect from the future of car tech:

Voice commands

Sure, you can tell your current car to play Pandora. But can you tell it to find a parking space (and actually have it perform the task)?

That’s what we can expect from the cars of the future. And it should come as no surprise. We’re already seeing voice command technology along with self-driving and self-parking capabilities. It makes sense that we’d eventually combine the two.

Soon, we’ll all be driving cars like KITT from Knight Rider.

Something tells me you shouldn’t touch Turbo Boost.”

Self-diagnosing vehicles

Here’s one that we’re starting to see on luxury vehicles, so you might be able to find this feature at your Porsche dealership soon. But cars of the future will monitor their own performance and alert you to any maintenance that needs to be done.

This may include things like changing tire pressure, engine maintenance or a low battery.

Your current car provides some indication of when it needs service, but cars of the future will alert us to a wider array of potential problems before they turn into expensive repairs.

Co-Ownership of cars

This is an interesting concept that we can expect to see in the somewhat distant future. Because autonomous driving is about to become mainstream, driver error or negligence becomes irrelevant. This could make it easier for you to co-own or buy shares in a car that you only use to get to and from work. Someone else who has a different shift can co-own it and use it for their commute.

Because the car does the driving, there’s less liability on the driver, and you don’t have to worry about whether your co-owner is a safe driver. The car will follow the rules of the road.

Car Tech

This one is likely a long ways away, and we might see it introduced after the autonomous driving feature has been on the road for a few years.

3D printed vehicles

This one may sound far-fetched, but one Arizona company is already 3D printing cars. It’s only a matter of time before this trend becomes more widespread.

Customers can choose features from all different types of cars to create their own unique vehicle. This is one quick way to own a car that no one else in the world has.

But as you might expect, this luxury does not come cheap. Costs will likely go down in the future as the concept scales, but it’s still a custom-made design. So we can be sure it’ll always be reserved for the elite buyers.

When you think of automotive technology, it’s kind of exciting to see how far we’ve come. And it’s even more exciting to think about where we might be going and how quickly changes are accelerating.

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How would you like to see car tech evolve in the next decade?