Every year, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) has excellent and progressive gadgets on display. The Galaxy S7 and the G5 by LG were the biggest launches at MWC 2016 this year. This event took place in Barcelona, Spain.

The best gadgets at the tech-event

Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge

These two handsets have been much awaited in the market owing to Samsungs practice of notching up their flagship phones to top quality. The most awarded features of these phones were their chic design, the attractive display they sported as well as the speedy performance.

The durability of the phones has been amped up with a water resistance feature and the expandable memory option is back in Samsung. The rear camera was tested and proved to click the best photos compared to any previous phones despite their average resolution. The battery life has been taken up a notch with a bigger and performance-intensive battery.

 LG G5

The LG G5 captured many eyes at the MWC 2016 owing to the unique design that this phone has been released in. It is one of the first modular phones in the market. This phone allows you to take off the bottom half and change batteries as you like. Accessories can also be directly attached to it.

Other than this, it hosts a 5.3inch display that has been highly appreciated by users. The processor and RAM have been tuned to perform at high speeds.

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FlexEnable Bracelet

This electronic bracelet by FlexEnable resembled a gauntlet but sure looks like the future of the smartphone industry. Fitting snugly around the hand, one could perform all the tasks performed on a phone with the additional advantage of having both hands unoccupied.

 Thermal Camera

The MWC 2016 saw the CAT S60 phone on display. Not widely known for its design or specifications, this phone has an unrivaled unique feature. This is the thermal camera. From up to 100 feet away, one could click accurate thermal images to gauge the relative heat of objects.

Sony Smart Devices

Sony as a company never fails to deliver and this time too, they won hearts at the mobile world congress. Launching a whole of four concept devices, the Sony section of the event was always crowded. The first concept was called Xperia Agent, a robot that would respond to voice commands as well as send information to different surfaces.

Next was an advanced projector called the Xperia projector which could be used to project screens on different surfaces. These screens are touch-responsive! Xperia Ear astonished everyone; an earbud that helped you remotely access and operate your phone without using your hand. Lastly came the Xperia Camera, about which little is known so far.

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Smart Glasses

Like the last mobile world congress, smart glasses were dominant in MWC 2016 too. However, this time, around, they have evolved to become lighter; to look almost like regular glasses. The BT-300 by Epson Moverio was highly impressed with OLED graphics and augmented reality built-in. It was said that the chief utility of these glasses would be to control drones.

 Rolling Bot

Yet another device by LG, the Rolling Bot did not seem like a very versatile gadget. It is a slow-paced robot controlled by your smartphone shaped like a ball. This sphere contains a camera lens, microphone, and speakers too. Customers viewed it as a medium to engage their pets in activities.

 Super Charging technique

Contrary to public expectation, there were no phones launched by the Chinese company Oppo in the MWC 2016. However, congress did witness the display of a revolutionary charging technique by this company. Named the Super VOOC, Oppo claimed that it could charge a phone from 0% to 100% within 15 minutes. Such speed is phenomenal!

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ZTE Spro Plus

After the success of the Spro 2 by ZTE, it was only a matter of time before an enhancement was released. This is the ZTE Spro Plus. At the congress, this large tablet with an inbuilt projector and speakers was much appreciated. The HD resolution of the display (at 8.4 inches) was lauded.

Powered by a battery life of six hours of projection and 4W speakers, this gadget can project images onto walls, ceilings, and any other surfaces. The image can be up to 300 inches in size.

HTC Vive

While this product has been on the shelves for a while now, a large collection of games for the VR experience was offered at the MWC 2016. Thus, a perfect experience of virtual reality was granted to every enthusiast who used the HTC Vive at the congress.

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So, the above-listed gadgets are the best we have seen at MWC 2016. These tech events are the platform where the brands showcase their best devices which they made through the year. Share this article on social networking sites.


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