Testing Your Apps Before Release


As we transition into the digital world, our eyes turn evermore towards our mobile devices. This is not a knock on a generation, this is the truth of the societal transition from in-person too in hand ease of access. The phrase “there’s an app for that” has become more and truer as we have continued to develop new apps for everyday purposes.

Developers are constantly looking for the next big thing in the mobile application market, and if you’re one of those developers, you might want to be patient before releasing your app. The haste and speed of app developers are astonishing but sometimes fatal to the end product. Many app developers release their apps before going through rigorous mobile performance testing. Once their app is released, it’s flooded with reviews claiming the bugs and errors were too much to handle.

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Often times the excitement or the demand takes over and an unfinished product is released to customers and met with dismay and confusion. There seems to be a “we’ll fix it in post-production” mindset in today’s world. As a developer, you cannot forget the importance of testing your mobile app before releasing it to the market. Fix your bugs now before customer integration comes into play.

Mobile App Testing

What exactly does mobile app testing entail? You could simply use the app, see if every button functions as it is supposed to, check off testing, and release to market. This will leave bugs and errors undiscovered and unresolved. Mobile app testing is much more complicated than simply ensuring everything works as you think it should. Many behind the scenes features like security or connection should be tested as well.

One field that developers stress testing is a location connection simulation. This is testing the application in different locations to ensure that it connects and functions properly regardless of the signal strength. A good app should have its offline functions working properly in 4G, 3G, LTE, and no signal zones. The article linked above goes into more detail about this feature of an app.

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Making sure your security operations are in order is another often glossed over aspect of an app. If a users’ information is compromised and stolen due to negligence from the developer, you’re looking at a lawsuit that will be difficult to win. Test your security feature and make sure your customers are safe from fraud and theft.

Challenges faced

Testing an app can be overwhelming and no matter how long you test, you’re destined to have missed something – small or crucial, bugs find their way into the final product. Not once has an app been released as a perfect final product without the requirements of further patches and developments. This is one of the biggest challenges faced by app developers when testing: you will not be able to address every aspect of your app before release.

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Contextual issues arise as well. This is when a specific instance of malfunction occurs because the user went through a unique set of steps to cause the issue. Often times, you won’t be able to think of every scenario when testing an app so you might have missed this one. Address it in a future patch of the app and make sure customer interaction is appealing and pleasing.