Spreading of False Information About Coronavirus


The entire world is under pandemic due to the COVID-19 outbreak, taking up thousands and thousands of lives. Besides the government and the WHO along with several other medical associations, spreading awareness about protecting from the coronavirus. When possible measures taken for saving affected people, the false information spread by media ruining them. Hence large and top tech companies have taken the initiative of eradicating such false information. Especially spreading such false info on social media with their top-notch tools.

Impact of spreading false information 

Researchers and scientists are still on finding the perfect antidote for the coronavirus. It is not an easy one to get rid of with medicines such as hydroxychloroquine. The tweet  by the US President, Mr.Donald Trump and some of his supporters went trending recently. Their tweet points that chloroquine could be an effective drug to recover from the COVID-19 outbreak. The impact that this news had created is an expectation among the affected people that they would definitely recover and other countries who believes it. However, medical association approving the same did not prove it.

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Most of the blog posts, articles, posters, memes, etc. have all had such false information about the spread of coronavirus in terms of numbers. It led to so many misconceptions and created panic among the people. Therefore, spreading of false information is hitting not only the people but also the government, which is trying to inhabit many protective measures to break the outcomes of COVID-19.

What measures taken by tech companies to prohibit such false information?

Facebook used one of its effective tools to remove the false information posted by Triumph’s promoters about chloroquine. Likewise, Twitter also took an effort to remove a video link posted by Triumph’s personal lawyer Rudy Guiliani. Meanwhile, the video specified that chloroquine is 100 percent effective. Also, Twitter immediately removed a tweet tweeted by Fox News broadcaster statement. Well, the statement points out that chloroquine is showing promising results in supportive to others’ statements.

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If you look at the enhancement of technology by Facebook, Twitter, and Google. The machine learning tools, and AI  implemented in those to find out such false information. Consequently, some start-up tech companies have taken the initiative of observing articles or blogs spreading false information.

Wrapping up: 

It is not just the responsibility of the WHO, tech companies, or any medical association to ensure the right information is passed on to the public. It is also the responsibility of every human being to consider which information is right and which one is wrong. Look for updates but do not believe it blindly, unless until it is proven. Because it leads to a panic condition and finally, kills your immunity. Then the information that is passed on to people during this COVID-19 is more sensitive and critical, and before it is passed on making it right.