How to open Task Manager Mac? Complete Guide


Microsoft Windows has been one of the most popular operating systems for your PC and laptops. However, when you have people coming to Mac from Windows, it is common that they are confused with the Task manager on Macbook or to be frank, the lack of it. We have been stopping the processes that have been behaving erroneously on Windows with the help of the task manager. When you switch to Mac from Windows, the experience is altogether different. The most common element the new Mac users search for is the Task manager Macbook. Does Mac have a task manager? We thought of answering those queries through this post about Task manager on Mac.

Most of the Mac users are coming from their past Window experience where they tend to use “task manager” to stop the errant processes and end tasks. As most of us know, Mac also has the same functions but under different names. Moreover, if you are wondering if is there a task manager for mac? Then the answer is “Yes!”

Mac also has a task manager but known as “Activity Monitor.” This activity monitor functions much similar to task manager of windows. It will let you end tasks, manage, and view applications running in Mac operating system. If you are unaware of the “Activity Monitor” in Mac, then don’t worry because you are going to learn all about how to get the task manager on mac in this quick article. Moreover, it is much easier to use.

When you switch from Windows to Mac, most users come across one significant learning curve of their lives, which is understanding how to end task in Mac similar to Windows by using task manager. In Windows, as you know all you need to end the running task is to click on the “End Process” option. So if you are wondering how to do it in Mac or how to close and open task manager mac, then follow the instructions below, and you will get it right in a most comfortable possible manner.

The Mac Task Manager

People coming to for the first time to Mac tend to think that Mac has no task manager. So, our reply to the query is – Yes, Mac has a task manager. We will learn today what exactly is Mac task manager and how to open the task manager on Mac in today’s post.
Task Manager for mac os

Mac has a task manager, but they call it Activity Monitor. Of course, the name is what differs. For the rest of the functions, the Activity Monitor performs all the tasks that a Windows task manager can handle. The tasks include viewing, managing, and ending tasks. Moreover, even when it is powerful and has a lot of features and functions, it is simple and quite uncomplicated.

How to open Task Manager Mac?

Well, if you are a Windows user, you should be aware that the task manager on it can be launched with the help of a shortcut. Ideally, you should get the Windows Task Manager with the keyboard shortcut – CLRL+ALT+DELETE. But, Mac has a different option to launch the task manager on Mac or the activity monitor.

How to open the task manager on Mac? There are several options you can use to open the task manager on Mac. You can launch it directly from its directory or through the launchpad on Mac. You can also choose to launch it from the Spotlight option or dragging it into the Dock.

However, the simplest method to open task manager Mac is using the Spotlight for quick keyboard access.
Here is how to get task manager on Mac –

  • Press Command and Spacebar simultaneously
  • This will bring up the Spotlight Search field
  • Type Activity Monitor in the search field.
  • Press the Return key when you find Activity Monitor in the search results.
  • You will reach the Activity Monitor as soon as you hit the Return Key.

You should now be able to sort out the processors based on the preferences you may have. Ideally, the processes are sorted based on CPU usage. But you should also be able to sort them up based on size, process identifier, name, or other parameters.

The Task manager Mac is also an excellent option for a host of activities like displaying system-level tasks, kernel tasks, daemons, and even processes that belong to other users. In fact, you should find every process running on your Mac through the Activity Monitor.

How to kill or stop a process from Activity Monitor or Task Manager on Mac?

You should find the processes on the activity monitor. Choose the process you want to kill or end. Once you are sure you want to end the process, you can click on the Quit button. You should now get a confirmation dialogue box.
Task Manager for macbook
We assume you have chosen the right process and decided to quit or end it. If you are sure, you can click on Quit. The application and the associated process with the application will be quit.

What are the tabs on Activity Monitor?

Just the way the Windows task manager comes with a host of features and functions, the Activity manager or the Task Manager also comes with a few specific features that make it an exceptional choice.

This section lists all the processes that are using your system resources. The CPU usage for each of the processes is also indicated against each of the processes.
Memory tab

The memory section will indicate the use of memory resources by each of the applications. The tab also shares information on a variety of factors like physical memory, used memory, and cached files. You can decide to end those processes which have been hogging the memory unnecessarily.

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There are other tabs as well that direct you towards understanding your device and the applications running on it. The Disk tab lets you find more information on the behavior of your disk and thus lets you understand the number of times the disk is accessed for the sake of data. The Network tab will present complete information on how much data your Mac is sending or receiving.

Access the mac os x task manager

It is quite beneficial and easy to sort tasks by CPU. However, you can sort them by process ID, memory usage, and name. In the upper right corner use the “search-box” to discover particular tasks that match characters or names.

Activity Monitor in Mac not only showcase running tasks on Mac OS but also lets you know about daemons, kernel tasks, displays system-level tasks as well as others processes – in other words, but it will also show you all process. If any process is running anywhere in Mac, it will show up in the list. You can also perform task manager mac force quit function by learning the right steps.

Quick Tip

Experienced Mac users know exactly where and how to find things on their Mac. However, for newbies, we always recommend keeping their “Activity Monitor” in the doc which offers them easy access. Unlike Windows, Mac is still known for its smooth functioning and its OS as well as applications effortlessly smooth which means you do not need Activity Monitor as frequently as in Windows task manager. However, it is always helpful to keep the task manager command handy if things go south. So go ahead and start working on your Mac with peace of mind that you have Activity Monitor to end any hung-up process in your Mac OS.

Also, always learn the mac task manager shortcut for the easiest access.

The Concluding Thoughts

So, if you belong to some of those who have not been used to the mac ecosystem as yet and checking out the features on Mac, you are definitely missing a few salient Windows configurations. We assume we have helped you arrive at the exact interface and functions of the task manager Mac. Access your Mac today and check how to open the task manager on Mac. You can then use the app to get used to the task manager.

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Check out the useful tutorial about Mac today and learn more about the shortcut and all the other features that it comes with.