Take Control Of Your Heating! Thermostat Life Hacks For Apartment Dwellers


Thermostat, in the current times, have permeated almost every public and private space.

Be it a home, a school, an office, or a community hall – these battery-operated appliances can be found regulating temperatures at almost all inhabited locations across the country.

At present, about 33 million Americans are said to be using smart, programmable thermostats regularly! However, for people living in apartments, the management of thermostats can be a tad bit difficult.

Apartments, thanks to their structural design, can give rise to several temperature discrepancies. As a result, the thermostats have to function extra hard to maintain a comfortable temperature level.

This is most likely also the reason behind the massive increase in your power bill.

As per research by Energy Star, an average American spends approximately $2,200 every year on energy bills, out of which about 50% comes from faulty heating and cooling systems.

This essentially means that if you want to lower your electricity expenses without compromising your quality of life, you must take control of your thermostats now!

Fortunately, it’s easy for anyone living in an apartment to save money on electricity with the right tricks and information.

Listed here are a few quick life hacks which will help you use your thermostats in a more dynamic and effective manner.

Pick A Model Carefully

When you purchase a thermostat for your apartment, make sure that you pick out the right model. For example, in the US, you can choose between three major types of thermostats:

  • 5-2 model – which allows you to have two different sets of settings – one for the weekdays (5) and another for the weekends (2)
  • 5-1-1 model – which enables you to have separate settings for weekdays (5), Saturdays (1), and Sundays (1)
  • 7-day model – which allows you to have variable settings for all seven days of the week

Depending on your schedule, you can select a model that fulfills your requirements in a customized way.

This won’t just help you limit your expenses, but it will also enable you to manage your heating per your specific needs.

Keep Adjusting Your Settings

If you’re staying in the New York-Philadelphia-New Jersey area, you’d know that the energy bills in these regions are terribly high.

In fact, the New Jersey Electricity Rates have grown exponentially in the last few years! Nevertheless, don’t let these rates sully your chances of achieving energy-efficiency in your apartment.

There exist some simple tricks using which can bring about a drastic reduction in your bills. These are:

  • If your apartment is empty during the day, turn down your thermostat.
  • During winter nights, cover yourself in sheets, quilts, and blankets instead of relying solely on the thermostat heat.
  • If you are leaving for a vacation, set your thermostat at about 55 degrees. Keep it at the same level even when you’re out for the night.
  • Determine what should be your apartment’s temperature when you wake up in the morning and set your thermostat to precisely that.

The more adjustments you make with your thermostat, the lesser energy it will end up consuming. However, if you leave it to work on its own – your electricity expenses will indeed shoot through the roof!

Don’t Test The Extremes

Using your thermostat to test temperature extremes in your apartment sounds like a good plan on paper but admittedly has some holes in it.

While it is a great idea to adjust your thermostat settings as frequently as you can, going to extremes can increase your power bills considerably.

In one go, lower or raise the settings by no more than 5-7 degrees. If you take it still lower or increase it still higher, you will force your furnace to work twice as hard as it generally does.

This will eliminate the likelihood of making any savings that you could have made by managing your thermostat device.

Choose A Proper Area

Within the confines of your apartment, ensure that the thermostat is located in the right area. Certain regions can cause your thermostat to heat or cool much longer than it actually needs to.

These areas are:

  • Ventilatory doorways
  • Drafty windows
  • Areas exposed to direct sunlight
  • Places with heavy drapery
  • Places with a lot of electrical appliances

While installing a thermostat, ascertain that its location is nowhere near these places. This way, you can significantly boost the level of your device’s performance and lower your energy expenses.

Try Cheap Heating Techniques

Here’s the deal: the circle of giving in to energy-wasting habits won’t end until you learn to be smart about your electricity use!

Rather than depending entirely on the thermostat’s function, you can take control of the heating system in your apartment by deploying other, cheaper heating options.

Here are a few easy steps that you can take:

  • Open your windows during the day. Letting the natural light of the sun heat your apartment will help you manage your power bill.
  • Opt for alternate heating sources like heaters and fireplaces. These are highly efficient and pragmatic.
  • During winters, use drapery and curtains to keep out the cold while trapping natural heat inside.
  • Watch out for seal leaks as they can lead to hot air steadily escaping from your apartment.

If these techniques don’t work, you can still opt for the thermostat, but be sure to clean its filters properly every year. Such maintenance will save you from a lot of unnecessary financial hassles.

To Sum Up

A thermostat operates primarily by exerting a deep control over all the thermal devices, through which warm or cold air flows. This mechanism allows the thermostat to make sure the temperature in your apartment always remains optimal.

You can either set up the thermostat manually or direct it to turn on/off automatically when the desired temperature level is reached.

Irrespective of which temperature control method you choose for your apartment, you need to ensure that your thermostat does not cause your energy bills to rise dramatically.

So, as an apartment dweller, if you want to take control of your heating system and generate lower bills with high Dallas Electricity Rates, it is time to follow these nifty tips right away!


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