5 Tricks Any Company Can Use to Streamline the Recruiting Process


When you aren’t a developer yourself, there can be a bit of a blockade between knowing what you want your project to end up like and knowing who to hire to do the job for you. Coding is becoming more popular in this day and age, but beware that not everyone can provide you quality work. Here are some tips on recruiting a developer:

Don’t hire developers on their first impression

When interviewing coders, judging a book by its cover is not your best bet. Sometimes, the best coders can be the ones with the most introvertive personalities. Then you may have an incredible coder who’s loud and energetic. You can’t presume the coding expertise one has based on their appearance or personality traits.

Recruit based on skills, not just those with long-term experience

Employers sometimes look at experience over education and skills, but programming is logic-based. Someone can have five years of coding experience and not be as competent as someone with just a year of experience.

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There are a plethora of developers out there. According to Computer Science zone, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 22 percent growth in software development from 2012 to 2022.

So, don’t just call it quits when you come across someone with long experience. Conduct a test for the developers you’re considering recruiting to see what they are capable of before judging the length of their experience or even where they got their education.

Hire a team of developers instead of just one

Instead of recruiting one mastermind for your project, or even one intermediate coder, hire a team. With coding, there are many ways to tackle the same exact task. When you have a team of developers, the tasks can be accomplished quicker and more efficiently. Plus, when something goes wrong, there are others to chime in.

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Consider opting for one advanced coder and three or four less-advanced team players. The lower-level developers will learn a lot from the more experienced developer. The latter is important as advanced coders have a quick turnover rate, often moving onto bigger and better opportunities.

Hire from a recruiting platform

Recruiting platforms can help you find the best, highest-quality coders at the top of their career. Many companies choose CodeFights for their recruiting platform to find developers, interview them, and even provide them a custom test relevant to the project they’re hiring for. This can ensure you find someone with expertise quickly.

Understand the market value of your potential coders

If you never hired a developer, understand that based on the speed, quality, and experience of coding one has, the greater the hourly rate they may be asking – and deserving of. However, some coders like to knock up their rates intentionally, hoping you will be naïve, or because they are naïve in knowing their own personal worth.

Programming is one of those jobs that has a wide pay scale range. Based on the experience one has, this can be one key detail to how much their work is worth.

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Generally, hiring a developer for a project isn’t as easy as hiring someone for a non-technical job. Even if you don’t understand coding, educating yourself on it in terms of the experience and skill sets to look for, how many developers to hire for the perfect team, where to find the best developers, and knowing how much you should be paying is crucial in ensuring you get quality work done.