Strategies to Drive Traffic and Sales from Instagram


Increasingly more businesses are turning their attention to Instagram as an instrument for increasing their sales. The platform itself is embedding shopping features to the interface, and this fact proves that Instagram is an effective marketplace. Due to its huge popularity, this network is also serving as a base for gaining new clientele, technical support, and customer care, and monitoring the actual trends as well. So you may wonder what are the good methods to use if you want to promote your business and get more sales. As it is obvious from the title, this article is about to reveal the best strategies that are working on Instagram if you need to drive up your website’s traffic.

Why Instagram?

Like many types of research show, this platform is among the most used in the world, and also among the most addictive. Thus, being on IG makes your brand visible and accessible for potential clients and followers. The general concept of this social network lies in the power of visual content, which is quite similar to the effect that traditional paper or TV ads cause on humans.

Besides, Instagram offers a range of options that are very useful for merchants, and we will certainly get to it later. The beauty of this platform is that even if you will buy 50 Instagram followers on sites like Buytoplikes com now and then, it will still cost you less than the traditional ads, e.g. magazines, TV, or banners. So, don’t wait up, let’s get you crazy sales and huge traffic with the tactic moves we gathered here.

Branding And Stylizing Your Account

To make more purchases happen, you will have to create a unique style and recognition marks for your potential customers. Branded profiles look far more professional, and sticking to the chosen style will increase your discoverability online. First of all, pick a color scheme.

Basically, these would be complimentary 2-3 colors that are representing your brand. They shouldn’t necessarily be the same as the colors of your products, because in case if you are selling something like clothes, the range would be too big. Prefer a mix of mild and calm tones with bright accents.

Of course, you should focus on your product presentation, but on Instagram, you should be accurate. A bald photo without any context is boring and not sales-producing at all. The clue to pushing your followers to purchase is putting the product that you sell into an appealing context. Give a viewer a clear idea of how this thing is used, what lifestyle it fits, and how does it look in motion. Such photos are rather inspiring to people and subtly make them want to be a part of that life that you are showing.

The Connection Between The Brand And Consumers

When it comes to the promotion on social media, you will have to become closer to your potential customers and target audience. The success of social platforms is communication and getting to know each other through the possibilities of the app. This is why any brand has to be open to communication and also to demonstrate a human face to the followers.

You must understand that it is impossible to run a business online without having a strong voice and attitude. People will not hit the heart button and follow you only for your products, however beautiful and high-quality they may be. But they will be definitely more interested in following and purchasing your products if they have some context and story behind them.

Yes, this thing again, don’t roll your eyes! In practice, this strategy is not too hard to complete. Here are the main topics that can create a bond between you and your customers:

  • Brand value.
  • The history of founding.
  • The faces behind the company – founders, employees, partners, etc.
  • The position of your brand towards ecological and social initiatives.
  • Examples of customer care.
  • What inspires you.

And other similar themes. The conclusion is one – be a person. On Instagram, you should not separate you from your brand.

Use Instagram’s Features To The Maximum

Totally true! Instagram offers a big range of tools that can make your profile a fruitful marketplace. And here are those wonderful tools:

  • This is what you need to use if you want to increase your traffic. With the “Swipe Up” you can easily gain as much traffic from followers as you need. Also, stories are helping to communicate and keep your brand visible.
  • Instagram store. Nowadays IG offers a special option where you can create a catalog of your products, and add the characteristics, price, and other information about the product. Also, you can sell products within the platform now, through this feature.
  • Along with the previous function, you can now tag the items. When a user hits this tag, he will see the short description and price of the product, along with the link to the store.
  • The location mark is what helps to define your local target group of followers. Also, you should add your profile page to the map that is now embedded on Instagram. This action will allow you to put your store as a location tag and provide the route for your potential customers.

As you can see, there are huge opportunities for your business to drive traffic from Instagram. With millions of followers, this platform offers you unlimited potential. And it’s up to you how you decide to attract more visitors to your profile and business page.


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