Spy WhatsApp Chats with This WhatsApp Chats Monitoring Application For Andriod

WhatsApp is the most popular IM app with its superior calling and texting service, which makes it the undisputed leader of the Instant Messaging applications. Because almost every other person is using WhatsApp, to spy WhatsApp chats is a very trending topic on the internet. Teens and tweens want to check on their girlfriends while others use spying apps to spy their spouse. Parents also use it to spy on their kids. The cycle of intrusion is very vicious and complicated.

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In the past, people would install cameras, sound recorders, etc. to spy on others. But as technology is revolutionizing and as most of the people own a smartphone, there is no better way to spy over cell phone spying. If you want to know how to spy on others’ WhatsApp, then have a look at this review about XNPSY WhatsApp chats monitoring application.

XNSPY: Spy WhatsApp and More

Using this app, you will be able to have complete control over the monitored person’s target device. You can monitor/spy calls, chats, and multimedia (photos, videos, and audio recordings) on WhatsApp. But there is a lot more than you can do with XNSPY. You can intercept calls; record surroundings; take screenshots or take over control of the target device. The remote control feature can be used to lock the target device or for remotely wiping data off the target device.

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You can get detailed information about the app’s features from here.

How to Spy?

By now we know a little about what XNSPY can do for you, so now, you need to know how you can use this app on someone’s phone. Follow these three steps to learn to use XNSPY:

  1. Download XNSPY. This requires you to visit the app’s website. From there you need to go to the “buy now” tab. Choose the package plans and payment options that best suits you, and on a successful purchase, you will get an email with your XNSPY account details. Use these credentials to log into the Control Panel. You will be provided a link to that in the email too.
  2. Install XNSPY. From the email, you will get the download link for the app. Make sure to open the link from the internet browser of the device that you wish to monitor.
  3. Add a device. Lastly, you will have to add the device to your Control Panel. You can do that by providing the code that appears on the successful installation of the app onto the target device.

You may also like to install the XNSPY Dashboard app that will allow you to monitor right from your smartphone. You can also change the settings of the app to toggle on/off features, edit your profile, renew your license, or add more devices.

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Why Use XNSPY?

The reason why you should use this app to spy WhatsApp chats of others is that you get tons of other spying features at a very affordable price. XNSPY starts from just $8.33/month.

Do we recommend you to use this app?

Yes, we do recommend you to try this app, very useful for a parent or guardian, to spy on your love but we do mainly want you to try this app for educational purposes.

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