Spotting Fake Instagram Followers


It may or may not be a surprise to read that Instagram is home to large numbers of fake accounts. It is likely the case that even if you have never thought about buying followers. You have some followers that are not all that legitimate. Fake accounts are being so prevalent on the platform. It is pretty much unavoidable not to have at least one bot following you, but it easy to spot fake Instagram followers.

Although most of these are harmless, nevertheless, you should still report them to Instagram. The more dangerous ones will try sending you harmful links or spam through a direct message (DM). They will try to obtain personal or financial details from you, such as your credit card number. You should never open any of these links and you should always report the account to the platform.

fake instagram followers

Cracking Down On the Fakes

In the past few years, Instagram has really begun to crack down on the third-party applications, that increase your account following. Instagram has started banning users who continuously purchase bots. However, this has not stopped some people from still using fake followers in order to boost their audience. The likes of Ariana Grande, BTS, and even Ellen DeGeneres reportedly using them to make up anywhere between 46 and 49 % of their following. In money terms, this equates to approximately $1.3 bn being spent on fake followers each and every year.

What To Lookout For

The main things that you need to look out for when trying to spot a fake account include them randomly liking an assortment of your posts and/or leaving a very generic, none specific comment, such as “Great photo”. Fake bot accounts typically follow a large number of accounts (in the thousands). They will not have be many followers themselves. Also they will likely have very few or no posts on their account. However, that being said, some are much smarter than that and will not display any of the characteristics mentioned.

How To Spot Accounts With Many Fake Followers

Any easy way of spotting those accounts that have a large number of fake followers is by looking at the number of likes that each of their posts gets. If it is just a small number in comparison to how many followers they have, then it is likely that a large number of their followers are bots that are no longer active, i.e. fake followers. This is because all they do is follow the account and do not actively engage with it by liking posts or commenting on them. This does not look good whether it is on a personal or professional account. If you would like to grow your following organically and within the use of fake accounts, visit


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