SpaceX launched 60 more Starlink satellites


launch of SpaceX has performed a brave job by launching 60 more Start link satellites to stay with its other network mates. Starlink is a low Earth orbit spacecraft. It is designed to provide high bandwidth broadband network. At the beginning of 2021, it is presumably will cover entire Canada and the Northern US. Accordingly, the total number of Starlink satellites on an orbit reaches 422. However, SpaceX has decided to de-circuit two of those satellites. iIt includes the first two prototypes launched previously.

Besides SpaceX being the largest and top private satellite operator among the US market. It also managed to launch Starlink cleverly, despite the prevailing COVID-19 outbreak. At frequent intervals, the company was able to launch the new batch of satellites on March 18, 2020. Moreover, the company has previously released four such missions into space in just 4 months until now.

Benefits of launching new Starlink satellites

  • With the entire country under COVID-19 pandemic, indeed it may take at least a year to rejuvenate. Meanwhile, when the situation gets back to the normal, region that is affected more. It deliberately requires a strong network to communicate. Hence targeting regions such as Canada and North America, SpaceX has taken a proactive step in launching Starlink satellites.
  • Moreover, SpaceX wants to become a brand and backbone for a strong and uninterrupted network. It does not rely on any satellite for the broadcasting network. Also, it is closer to Earth than other traditional geostationary Internet satellites, it provides complete coverage.
  • All the Starlink satellites launched so far by SpaceX are aimed to provide stable, reliable. As well as low-latency connections for Internet users and businesses.

What is the furthermore scope of SpaceX in launching satellites?

SpaceX has planned to launch between 12,000 and 42,000 Starlink small satellites. Also, expand its service globally to all customers, by next year. Consequently, the company has filed the required documents for a proposal. To develop the network to its eventual state, based on requirements and exceptional performance.

Besides, the founder and CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk have detailed some of the important measures. Mentioning the company has planned to address customer complaints. The satellites interfere with Earth-based considerations of the space. And they generate lights and present those light streams in astrophotography.

Effects of launching Starlink satellites

During this launch of Starlink satellites, a recovery attempt for the Falcon 9 booster rocket has been used. Indeed, the rocket has previously flown before on the company’s Demo-1 Crew Dragon mission and also two more times in 2019. Space X drone ship launched the Falcon 9 in Atlantic Ocean.

Meanwhile, SpaceX is also aiming to make an attempt to recover the fairing halves. It protects the Starlink satellite on its launch, through effective system upgrades to see its effectiveness. The company is strictly considering the re-use of those fairings, making it a cost-effective development.