Top 3 Best Software Programs For Video Editing


A short, compiled list of the 3 absolute best software programs out there for video editing. We hear a lot about directors, actors, and producers. But video editing is where a film really comes to life. Some might even argue that it’s the most important part of the production process.

Without a skilled video editor to put the story together, a film is nothing more than a jumbled mess of shots. Have you ever considered trying your hand at video editing? If so, you’ll need the right software.

Here are three of our personal picks!

Adobe Premiere Pro

You probably know Adobe for their crazy popular photo editing software Photoshop. But did you know they’ve had their own editing software for years now?

Not only that but their offering, Adobe Premiere, is actually one of the most widely-used pieces of editing software in the television and film industries. Like any other piece of software, Premiere has its share of caveats.

For one thing, it isn’t the most intuitive software. If you’re editing for the first time, it isn’t the best choice. It’s also rather expensive. Fortunately, Adobe understands that high price points mean fewer users. As a result, they’ve included Premiere Pro in their Creative Cloud subscription program.

Cloud Computing

For a flat fee, you get access to six different Adobe programs. The Adobe Spark intro maker alone will make your videos look more professional.

Final Cut Pro X

There isn’t a single piece of editing software out there that’s as controversial as Final Cut Pro X. Before X, FCP was the industry’s go-to editing software. Then…things changed. And not all changes were for the better.

On one hand, FCP X is decidedly more consumer friendly than FCP 7. If you’ve tinkered with iMovie in the past, you won’t have a hard time getting the hang of FCP X.

This makes X a wonderful choice for aspiring video editors. However, it isn’t all good news. On the other hand, Apple seemingly sacrificed a lot of FCP 7’s most beloved features to streamline FCP X.

As a result, it’s clunkier and less feature-dense as its predecessor. You’ll also need a Mac to use it. Still, for newcomers who have a little bit of money to spend, it’s hard to argue with the program’s $300 price point.

Sony Vegas Studio

Sony Vegas is the dark horse of the video editing world.

It’s well-known enough that it’s featured on platforms like Steam and can be found in Targets and Wal-Marts across the country. Yet it’s still underappreciated and underutilized, in our opinion.

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Vegas is the perfect middle point between professional and consumer software. It’s feature-rich enough that you can do won’t have to outsource most of your graphics and music, yet its UI is user-friendly enough that you won’t lose track of your tasks.

Vegas’ inclusion on this list might seem surprising, especially over programs like Avid. But, for our money, there’s no better place to learn to edit than on Sony Vegas.

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Edit Like a Pro with These Top of the Line Video Editing Programs Whichever program you choose to use, you can rest assured that these three programs are more than capable of handling your video editing needs.

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