Sites Like Groupon – The Best For Coupons and Deals


Coupons and deals have been one of the best options to save a little money. In fact, Groupon is one such site that has been the best when it comes to searching for great coupon deals. But, maybe you have been looking for other sites like Groupon so that you can have access to multiple deals. This article is an attempt at listing out the best sites like Groupon. Let us check out a few similar sites like Groupon.

Groupon – A Little Info On It

Groupon is a popular coupon and deals site. With over 120 million subscribers, it has rightly been considered to be one of the best websites in its genre.

Groupon has services spread across multiple genres like coupons and deals at grocery stores, electronics, drink, food, travel, tourism, and a host of other realms. You can also find coupons and deals for restaurants and hotels as well. One of the largest sites in its genre, Groupon has been one of the sites that receive daily visits that crosses millions per day.

Sites Like Groupon – A Top Sites List

But, why do we need to look for sites like Groupon when it offers you great features and functionality? Well, maybe we can explain it with an example. You have just checked a deal on Groupon and apply it. You are excited about the deal, use it, and make the purchase. And a few hours later, you realize that you could have saved more if you had used another coupon or deal on another site.

That is precisely why you need to find Groupon like sites. This will help you indulge in comparison couponing. No one coupon site would be able to provide you the best deals on every product and service. That is why we are into looking for the best deal sites like Groupon. Now that you have understood why you need to look for sites like Groupon, let us not waste time and search for the sites worth it.


In fact, this one is one of the oldest deals sites that has been popular for long. It had its humble beginnings in being a site that offered one single day per day.

sites like groupon

The service has now been owned by Amazon. Having been in the business even before Groupon came into existence, they know the basics of the business for better. Still living on its roots, Woot still offers you a featured deal every day. You just need to visit the site and purchase the deal. There isn’t a coupon involved as in other sites like Groupon.

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The service lets you enjoy deeper deals and some exclusive offers that you may not be able to elsewhere. Groupon sites like CoolSavings take your experience to the next level.

If you are looking to save money on groceries, you may not find any better deals than on CoolSavings. It does offer you coupons for other stores than groceries alone, but its emphasis is mainly on groceries. What would make it a more economical option is the availability of coupons both in online and offline modes? That would make it the best-suited option for coupons and deals no matter whether you are into online or offline purchases.

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This is yet another among the sites like Groupon that will offer you a host of deals, coupons, cashback offers, and promo codes. It works as a bridge between vendors and customers.

groupon like sites

The shoppers join them and get a signup bonus as facilitators. You can shop at over 2000 online partners registered with Ebates. For every purchase you make, you will receive a cashback in your account. All the partner retailers list the cashback offers available with them on the site. You can stop at the partner sites and get the cashback onto your account.

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Daily Steals

If you are into technology and love technology gadgets, Daily Steals is your best option. You can opt for the best deals on cell phones, accessories thereof, and other tech gadgets with this great site among Groupon like sites.

Though the site focusses on mobile devices and similar gadgets, it also lists a few deals on cooking items and clothing. The discounts available on the site are quite generous, to be frank. You can even get a discount of up to 90 percent. You can even be assured of freebies. It may not be efficient among sites like Groupon but does come up with a few great features.


This is the perfect among the sites like Groupon. You can get limited-time deals on different services and products.

The service focusses mainly on dining, wellness, and travel products. You get hundreds of deals that are available worldwide. The site offers you day-specific deals that work only for a limited period. You can opt for a 5 day refund period if you are not satisfied with the deals. But, do note that these cooling periods are applicable only for non-day specific deals. You can get the electronic vouchers if you would want to. It can be a great deal to check this site if you want to try gift shopping.

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The Bottom Line

Groupon is a site worth it’s salt if you are into saving a little money on your regular purchases. However, checking a single site may not be something practical if you really wish to reap the benefits of discounts and deals. That is precisely why we have listed the best sites like Groupon. We would consider the five sites featured here should be more than enough in getting some great deals.

In fact, we would recommend using these sites in combination with each other. Using them singularly would also be a great idea, but comparing the deals across multiple sites would indeed be a great option in ensuring that you get better deals and discounts.