Sites Like 123Movies – A Select list of Alternatives


Sites Like 123Movies:- Watching movies is one of the favorites for most of us. If you really love movies, you will definitely look for sites like 123Movies for your daily dose of the latest releases. Why not? 123Movies is an excellent choice when it comes to the movies in HD. Of course, there are high-end players like Netflix. However, not everyone can afford those premium services.

That is exactly where sites like 123Movies fit in. Our today’s post attempts to bring out before you some of the 123Movies alternatives so that you can have a wider choice.

Why would you like to search for Sites like 123Movies?

Well, that is a valid question. 123Movies is a great site in itself. It has built a reputation for itself in recent years. Why would one look for alternatives? No demeaning 123Movies here.

But, at times you may not be able to find the movie titles you are looking for on it. Or maybe, the server is busy with a huge number of users logging in to it. If you are looking to just stream from torrents or for an App then consider installing Popcorn Time Apk for your devices like Android, PC, iOS, Chrome cast & more.

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That is precisely when you will search for 123Movies alternatives to continue enjoying the movies on the go and without any hiccups. We do assume that our top picks will meet your demands.

Top Picks for Sites Like 123Movies

Without wasting any more time, let us embark on our journey into the top alternatives for 123Movies.

1. CouchTuner

If you are a TV shows lover, this is your perfect choice. However, it does not come with any movie titles.
CouchTuner site

The site has several TV shows that have stood the test of time. Right from the latest episodes of the series or their new seasons, to the nostalgic older shows – you can find them with ease. The site has a TV Schedule as well so that you can keep yourself abreast of all the information about the upcoming shows.

CouchTuner has thousands of shows updated in its database on a daily basis. It is indeed a great choice if you are a TV fan and looking for sites like 123Movies.

2. FMovies

If you look at the size of its database, it is the undisputed king of the sites like 123Movies. Why? Because it offers you shows from across the world.


One of the advantages of FMovies is its social presence. You can get in touch with them through any of them. There are no ads to annoy you during the streaming thereby giving you an uninterrupted movie experience. The interface is quite contemporary and offers you several filters that you can search for your movies with ease.

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And yes, FMovies also comes with a download option. You can download a movie or a TV show for viewing later. The best international collection is what you would fall in love with. It has movies from across 20 countries.

3. Tinklepad

Yet another able contender to the best sites like 123Movies, Tinklepad does not have any TV shows. It has over 50,000 titles in its database.


But yes, the site does not store any of the movies on its servers. Instead, it sources its movies from different links and presents a unified platform. Tinklepad has several filtering options. That would make it easy to sort through the movies.

You can check the ratings for a movie that you have chosen to watch. Maybe this will help you decide whether you would want to watch the movie or not. If you are a classic movies fan, the service has a great collection of older movies.

4. Viooz

Viooz Movies is the best option for Hollywood fans. The faster download is one of the features that sets it apart from the rest of the services.


Viooz has an enviable collection of movies, especially Hollywood movies. There are some efficient filters that would let you search for your favorite movies in a jiffy. You can search for your favorite movies through filters like ratings, cast, year of release, and genres.

The site sources its movie collection from different links. It also offers you multiple links for a single movie. Moreover, Viooz has a download option for your chosen movies as well, if you want to watch your favorite movies offline later.

You can indeed consider it to be the best 123Movies alternative for your movie viewing experience.

5. Rainierland

This is the best option for online movie viewing experience. In fact, the service has a great reputation. It does load the movies real faster.


The site updates its database on a weekly basis. The site has fast servers that would make your streaming experience a breeze. The service has thousands of movies in high definition. You can also enjoy TV shows on Rainierland. Rainierland has recently added a download option to its shows. That would mean you can download the show if you want to watch it later.

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In fact, Rainierland Movies has indeed set a standard for itself. It is indeed a strong contender for the top position among the sites like 123Movies, however, it went through a series of issues recently.

Over To You

Well, that is what we have among our top picks for sites like 123Movies. Most of the sites we have featured here do not need you to register for the service for streaming your favorite movies. A word of caution here – some services may or may not work in your region. If that happens with you, you can use a VPN service to get past the geographical restrictions.

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The list featured here is not exclusive and exhaustive. We have offered a representative list that should meet the requirements of a huge range of users. Have you used any of these services? If you have, do share your views and opinions with us through the comments here.

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