Seven Ways In Which Video Games Can Help You Increase Your Productivity


Creating a balance between your work life and personal life is simpler said than done.  A slight imbalance on either side and you may end up affecting both of them. Thus, if you want to do better in the office, you have to do more than just hard work.

To make sure that you are doing well at your work, you can concentrate on improving and expanding your skillset. You can even put in extra hours to finish more tasks. However, there are some small tweaks that can considerably improve your productivity.

Your goal should be to work smart and not hard. Now, there are several ways how you can improve your efficiency at work. However, apart from all the conventional methods, there is one other way that might surprise you.

Video games have not often been portrayed in a positive light by the media. Subsequently, many people consider them as a bad practice. Thankfully, things have changed considerably over the years, and so has this thinking.

Video games are just more than a hobby. There are numerous reasons why you should take up and even promote video games. Gaming can be both fun and a learning experience simultaneously.

No matter what intent you want to play video games with, you can find plenty of video games to suit your approach. If you are looking to play competitively, you can try games such as Counter-Strike or Dota 2. And if your only aim is to have fun, you can even play online ludo.

You might be wondering as to how video games could help increase your productivity. Gaming, especially at work, can help you in more ways than one when it comes to your efficiency. As unconventional as it may sound, studies have proven the same.

To make sure you understand what the above statement means and how you can apply the same to your life, here are some points to throw more light on the picture.

Video Games Sharpen Your Mind

Video games are like exercise for your mind. While playing video games, your mind is always thinking. Video games continually present you with new hurdles, and you have to find your way around them.

The same is apparent when you are playing competitive games like chess, where you have to make critical decisions from time to time. You need not only have to plan your strategies but analyze your opponent’s moves. Thus, there will be times where you to adapt and improvise your tactics.

However, even when you are playing games that involve a laid-back approach, your brain still has a lot to do. Even simpler and fun games can prove to be quite challenging at times. For instance, even in the game of ludo, you have to make several decisions regarding the movement of your tokens.

Playing games will enhance your problem-solving skills and decision-making. As you are continually making your brain think more, you will find it helpful in solving many of the obstacles you face at your work too.

Video Games Can Be Your Ideal Break

While at work, you may find yourself doing similar tasks every day.  If so, your routine may become mundane. Hence, a break becomes necessary to break the chain.

However, as much as you may like these breaks, they don’t last for a long time. Thus, making them even more crucial. You may want to utilize these breaks to not only find a way out but also to help you concentrate better on your work once you return.

While most people may choose to have a chat with colleagues or go for a walk, you can do much more. Most of the mobile games do not require a lot of time or resources. Even if your breaks barely last for 15 minutes, you can complete a quick match of online ludo.

You don’t necessarily have to be alone while playing these games. You can even play multiplayer with your colleagues. Games are abundant in the market, and you can try different games to see what suits your lobby.

Choosing video games over other activities has many perks. For one, it will completely revitalize your brain and body. Second, even while you are enjoying yourself, your brain is still actively working. Thus, once you go back to your desk, you will find it easier to pick up from where you left.

Video Games Improve Teamwork & Coordination

Multiplayer games have taken the gaming industry by storm. Almost every big release these days now have a multiplayer mode. Multiplayer games can help you in ways that you probably did not think.

Multiplayer games require you to communicate and coordinate with your teammates. Often, if you do not have friends, you have to team up with strangers. Despite all the hurdles, you still have to work together to complete the objectives.

Hence, playing online games such as ludo, Valorant, and Call of Duty will improve your communication and teamwork skills. If you play these games together with your colleagues in the office, you can even bond well with each other.

Thus, multiplayer improves your ability to coordinate with other people in achieving a common goal. Your workplace often has the same scenario. Being a team player will always help you and your organization.

Video Games Remove Stress

Stress is common to find among the working age-group. Stress can arise due to various factors, such as workload, salary, and personal life. Thus, it can considerably affect your performance.

However, there are a lot of ways how you can reduce your stress level. You can pick up your old hobbies, like music, watching movies, and even video games. Many studies have stated that video games can help you in reducing stress.

Video games are both fun and challenging. Once you indulge yourself entirely in a game, you will find yourself in a different reality free from all your worries.

In A Nutshell

Video games’ player base is arguably at its peak. It is a clear indication that more and more people have started accepting the pros of video games. You, too, can use video games to help improve your productivity.

You can pick the games that you like and play them in between breaks or when you are free. However, you have to keep a check on the number of hours you are spending on these games.  Spending too much time on games can harm your work and social life.

Hence, video games, like any other product, have their pros and cons. A smarter and healthier approach will work wonders for you.


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