Here is good news for the people who consistently have the same complaints about not enough space when it comes to storage memory of their phones. We understand that it feels way too bad and weird when we get a message saying that there is not enough memory on the device. Samsung has recently announced that its upcoming high-end devices will have 256GB of huge Samsung flash memory.

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Speed Comparisons

We have already seen many smartphones that have a massive 128 GB of internal storage. These news chips of Samsung belong from the new generation, and so they are blazingly fast but will have a smaller size. As per Samsung, these new Samsung flash memories are twice as fast as the SATA SSD for the PC, and when it comes to other scenarios, it is three times as fast as the high-performance microSD cards. So you can just imagine how fast the new upcoming flash memory is going to be.

Understand easily here

In order to understand these things, here are some numbers that will give you proper info. For example, you can watch a full HD 4K movie in a split-screen mode, and on a different screen you can perform some other work as well. When it comes to 256GB storage, you can easily store around 47 full HD movies in your Samsung flash memory, and if your phone provides USB 3.0 supports, you can transfer the said full HD movies from your PC to phone or vice versa in just 12 seconds.

Now the question comes, When are you getting it?

As per Samsung, they will add this new blazing fast Samsung flash memory to the device when they see an increased demand. As of now, Samsung will give 32GB or 64GB flash memory to the phone, but as usual, users will be able to expand it by using the traditional microSD cards.

The First Phone with 256GB

We have listened to many rumors that the iPhone 7 will have 256GB of flash memory if it is true, then iPhone 7 will be the first phone with such an enormous memory.


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