Review on Krisp Noise Cancellation App


Laptop and desktop computers often struggle with noise reduction functionality due to dedicated mics available on both ends. On the other hand, smartphones achieve significant noise reduction. Let’s take a real-life example when you are going for a professional meeting you need a computer for it. Keeping these considerations in mind, we thought this is the right time to introduce with newfound noise reduction technology and the Krisp. Thought, it existed for quite some time. However, I found it recently.

They claim to use Deep Neural Network to remove the noise from your conversation and provide noise suppression without employing any specialized hardware. Our team meanwhile keep testing Krisp by using it in every meeting to review its features and how authentic are the claims of its manufacturers.

Understanding more about Krisp

Krisp is not just any noise suppressing device, but it is AI-powered designed for both Windows and Mac OS that eliminates the noise to a reasonable extent. Krisp offers noise-free audio as it supports more than 600 applications that work in conjunction. The app sits between the video conferencing app and hardware (speaker and mic) so whatever noise the noise mic picked (Krisp) will be removed before the app of video conferencing transmits it. It also offers reduced latency by processing all the data on the computer, which in turn leaves no data in the machine. The entire software package of Krisp is user-friendly and with one button you can OFF and ON the service.

Setup of Krisp

Installing and running the app is to our surprise, easy and fast. From the Krisp website, you need to download the package and follow the given on-screen instructions. Krisp is available for Windows and macOS.

Once you complete the installation, you would not find any application window of Krisp because it does not require one. To access the application of Krisp, you can go to the Taskbar on Windows or Menu bar on macOS and search for the Krisp icon. Once you see the icon, then click on it and the pop-up menu will appear on the screen.

You will find the pretty-simple interface of the app. Here you will get two options: One to select the mic source and others to choose the speaker. Use the toggle switch when you initiate the call on your computer, which will activate the Noise suppression system.

Steps to use the Krisp

Most of us experience this issue once or twice in our life whenever we have to take urgent Skype calls, and there is a lot of background noise. In this case, you need to go to the Skype settings and change the audio source to Krisp mic from the default internal mic, and we can guarantee that you will see the magic happen in real-time.

You not only remove the noise from the other side but also reduce the noise at your end. For instance, when you turn on the toggle “Mute Noise” for speakers, then you can easily experience the real-time noise reduction. This is a helpful feature when someone who is at the other end of the line is a busy place like a café.

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With most of the video conferencing apps, Krisp works fine, but honestly, it works well with almost all apps that allow you to choose the audio source. Our team tried it with Audacity, Slack, Skype, and others, and it worked very well.

We also went the extra mile to test the noise suppression power of Krisp, so we picked some old voice-overs with terrible background noise. To our surprise, when we played the audio in our VLC player, it removed all the noise when we use “Krisp” as the audio device.

Testing of Krisp

To check the performance of the Krisp app, we set up two tests. First, a live Skype call with background echo and noise and other one os pre-recorded audio sample with built-in noise to test the audio reduction system in real-time.

Result of Test – Krisp Did Good!

After performing noise tests, we came to a few conclusions on different types of audios and videos. For instance, the attached video does not sound ground-breaking when we uploaded the compression-free sound samples. Thought, it is evident when you download the Krisp on your computer then you will find much better results in person. However, if you ask us to score the overall quality of the filtered audio, then we will keep the scorecard between 80% and 90%. The resulting service is pretty impressive when data is processed on your computer, and noise reduction is made in real-time. On the other hand, our team felt that there are a few elements that eat-ups relevant information.

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If you are trying the free version of Krisp first, then you will be able to listen without any noise disturbance. However, you need to upgrade to Krisp premium if you want to listen and speak without the noise. Also, the Krisp premium version will cost you $20 per month. Fortunately, there is also two weeks of Krisp Premium trial so that you can make a wise purchase decision according to your requirements.

Is Krisp App right for you?

Well, the short and right answer is Yes! If you are searching for the noise reduction software that should work in real-time, then most probably Krisp is the only software that is available in the marketplace. The overall quality of the Krisp is top-notch that also gives stiff competition to any upcoming software in the same category. Moreover, it delivers consistent results. Krisp does not have the paywall and is free to use. If you are looking for an easy way to experience the noise-free conversation on your computer, then Krisp is the right choice.

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