Longines vs Cartier Watches: A Worthy Comparison


Longines vs Cartier Watches: How about we think about and benchmark two top of the line Swiss watch brands to see which is best for you.

These two brands have been doing business for over a century. Actually, Longines has been in the business since 1832 and was the main watch brand to trademark their logo.

Cartier watches were good to go since 1847. These two brands are very close in age. Cartier is popular for being the goldsmith of sovereignty, and as a globally prestigious gem dealer, they were in an extraordinary position to strategically pitch their watches to their high society demographic.

Which is the correct brand for you however and which brand improves watches? We should analyse them in a couple of ways:

Longines VS Cartier Watches Comparison + Review

Mechanical Watches

On the off chance that you are explicitly searching for a mechanical Swiss made watch, you can rest guaranteed that the two brands have a huge determination from which to peruse. Every one of these two brands makes programmed (self-twisting) looks just as hand-wound watches. Longines has mechanical watches that begin at an essentially lower value indicate however analysed Cartier.


A section level mechanical watch from Cartier, for example, the Ronde Solo Automatic 36mm will come at a rundown cost of around $3,150 while a Longines Automatic can be obtained for around $1,000 or here and there even less.

Quartz Watches

The two brands likewise made battery-controlled quartz watches. Longines specifically, has a unique arrangement of Very High Precision Quartz watches known as the Conquest V.H.P. furthermore, Conquest V.H.P. Chronographs which in all honesty, merit their own one of a kind nitty gritty blog entry.


A section level Cartier quartz watch, for example, the Cartier Tank Solo quartz will cost you around multiple times the measure of a comparative looking rectangular formed quartz watch from Longines, for example, the DolceVita quartz.

Basically as far as evaluating, a Longines is an increasingly reasonable Swiss-made watch brand. You can get a Swiss made mechanical watch from Longines at an entirely reasonable cost when contrasted with Cartier.

Brand Prestige and Popularity

To comprehend why costs are so unique, you have to consider the way that as a brand, Cartier is on an altogether different dimension of notoriety than Longines. Cartier is viewed as an extravagance brand and has a built-up easily recognized name for their top of the line extravagance adornments and watches.

Saying this doesn’t imply that Longines is certifiably not a profoundly perceived Swiss watch brand. It surely is. Indeed, as indicated by a report by a brand consultancy called Interbrand, Longines is the fifth most mainstream Swiss watch brand.

Cartier never made it to this report since basically the Cartier organization isn’t Swiss yet is situated in France, yet their watch generation is in Switzerland. They are the world’s 59th most well-known brand; as is out of all organizations and brands around the world, not simply swiss watch brands.

High Horology

With regards to watchmaking know-how, this is another zone that Cartier shrouds Longines. With regards to high-confusion watches, Longines has a Master Complications arrangement. By the by, I feel that a chronograph matched with a moon-stage intricacy isn’t exactly as great as a portion of Cartier’s high horology watches.

An extraordinary model is a totally re-concocted moon stage close by a tour billon complexity like Cartier had on the Rotonde de Cartier Earth-Moon. Another incredible model is multi-day/night retrograde moon stages as they have in the Rotonde de Cartier arrangement.

Diving Watches

Both Longines and Cartier make divers watches. Longines has the Longines Hydroconquest accumulation, and Cartier has the Caliber de Cartier Diver arrangement. Both offer 300m/1000ft water opposition which is water safe enough for some effect water sports like scuba plunging and board jumping, swimming and so on.

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These presumably wouldn’t be appropriate for any deepsea jumping, however. For some genuine expert jumper, watches see our article on the Rolex Deepsea and the Rolex Sea-Dweller. These offer 12,800ft and 4,000ft of water opposition. These are the sort of watches you would need to contact down on the most minimal profundities of the sea bed and most profound purposes of the world’s oceans.

If you are searching for a progressively reasonable expert diving watch attempt the Oris proficient diver’s watches, for example, the Dive Control watch, ProDiver watches or even the Force Recon GMT Diver. Any of these choices offer at any rate 1000m/3280ft of water obstruction.

Jewel Watches

Both Longines and Cartier make some wonderful gems watches which are made with strong 18kt gold cases and highlight sparkling jewels. In any case, when looking at the adornments watches structure, these two brands are inconsequential. Cartier is one of the world’s most renowned overly top of the line diamond setters. Cartier has an unfathomable measure of involvement in delivering stunningly made adornments watches added to their repertoire which obviously grandstands their resourcefulness and imagination in this art.

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Are these brands even similar? While they have a few watches that appear to be comparative, you presumably can’t think about these at a brand level, yet this Cartier VS Longines correlation and review should give you knowledge about exactly how they distinctive they are and what makes each brand one of a kind.