Recover Deleted iMessages from iPhone [Step By Step Guide]


Recover deleted iMessages: iMessage became an instant sensation with its array of capabilities and flexible attributes. To most Apple-users, you can say it became the next mother tongue. Instead of sending the standard text message, connecting your phone to the internet and using the service of iMessage appear a more practical approach. Nevertheless, people come across one common issue with iMessages – how to retrieve the deleted messages. Alternatively, you may have ever accidentally deleted your saved iMessage then you can understand the frustration and pain.

Apple does not provide any feature or service to retrieve the deleted message, and there is almost no way to get back your deleted iMessages on iPad, except you use 3rd party backup or applications. If you are aggressively looking for ways to retrieve your deleted text messages, then use these below mentioned tricks and tips to understand how to recover deleted imessages.

Tips to Recover Deleted iMessage on iPhone X/8/7/6/5

First, you need to understand that iTunes or iCloud gives you an option to back up your text messages and iMessages on both iPad and iPhone. On the other hand, if you do not have the back up of your iMessages on iCloud then what will you do – a million-dollar question is how you will recover your deleted iMessages without backup?

You are guessing right; you can use the apps of data recovery to retrieve the deleted iMessages. There is one app called FonePaw that lets you undelete messages which are either deleted long time ago or recently removed. When any iMessage is deleted on the iPad or iPhone, it remains in the device storage. Now, the role of FonePaw is to dive deep in your iPhone storage or memory space and locate the deleted messages. However, it would help if you remembered that this iMessage do not stay in iPhone for long so as soon as you deleted a vital message, immediately try to retrieve it before it gets removed permanently.

Moreover, FonePaw also can detect all your iCloud and iTunes backups and restore the iMessages conversations/chats from the iCloud/iTunes backup so never wipe your phone data and restore the deleted messages easily.

There are some added benefits as well of this data recovery app, and you can also restore deleted photos, call logs, contacts as well as WhatsApp messages on iPad and iPhone.

The best part about this app is you can download and install the FonePaw for free of cost on your Mac and PC to restore your deleted iMessages.

Download the FonePaw free for Windows.

1.1    Restoring the iMessages on iPhone

  1. First and foremost, a step is to download, install and successfully run iPhone data recovery app. It provides three different methods to restore the iPhone’s deleted messages. If you do not have any backup, then click “Recover from iOS Device.”

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  1. After successfully connecting your iPhone, you will be able to choose which kind of data you wish to restore. For instance, to retrieve the deleted iMessages, tap Messages > click scan button for the application to initiate the search for deleted or old iMessages.

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  1. After the app completed the scanning, then it will display all your data within different categories. Tap on “Messages” to see iMessages and iPhone text messages. The deleted messages will be noticeable in color red, with messages content, sent date, and phone number. Place the tick on deleted messages that you want to restore and click on the “Recover” tab. This is how you will be able to restore the deleted messages from your iPhone – without any backup. This will help you easily recover deleted imessages.

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1.2 How to Extract iMessages from iTunes Backup

At any given time if you took the backup of your iPhone, then iTunes backups will also help you retrieve the iMessages. FonePaw also let you restore the deleted iMessages from your iTunes backups. The most significant part of FonePaw is that it does not wipe off your entire iPhone to retrieve the iTunes backup, which is quite appreciable technology as compared to other data recovery apps.

Here, from the window’s left sidebar select “Recover from the iTunes Backup File” option, and all your iTunes backup files on your PC or Mac will be automatically displayed. Choose one of the backups that may have the messages you are looking to retrieve then click on “Start Scan” tab. Now, the app will extract all the text messages and iMessages from the iTunes backup. You will also see in these messages your deleted iMessages and easily recover them.


1.3 Without Restoring iPhone View iMessages on iCloud

Most of you may back up your messages to iCloud and looking for ways to retrieve your deleted iMessages. FonePaw also enables you to do so, here you need to choose “Recover from iCloud backup file” tab, which let you view and retrieve deleted iMessages on iCloud.

Start by entering your Apple ID and password to login the iCloud account. If you have 2-factor authentication enabled, then disable it before attempting this process. This will let you download the backup of iCloud and retrieve the deleted iMessages.


iPhone data recovery by FonePaw not only help you restore the deleted iMessages but also allow you to retrieve deleted notes, bookmarks, calendars, text messages, photos, music, videos, contacts and so on. It is useful to restore the deleted files from iPhone and easy to use.

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Easy Steps to restore the deleted iMessages on iCloud

The iOS 11.4 onwards you have the option to sync iMessages on iPhone 6/6S/Plus, iPhone 7/7Plus and iPhone X/8 to iCloud, this enables you to access your messages via all your Apple devices, and also called Messages in iCloud by Apple. With this feature in place, even if you deleted the message on your iPhone, it will be available on all your other devices. However, the unfortunate part is if you have enabled the messages in an iCloud feature then it would not take the backup of iMessages. So if you accidentally deleted the iMessage, then you would not be able to restore it. In such scenarios, you can always turn to FonePaw data recover app for iPhone.


Nevertheless, if Messages in iCloud is off on your iPhone, iCloud does include your iMessages in backups. So to restore deleted iMessages, you can restore an iCloud backup, although you have to be aware that you need to factory reset iPhone before being able to restore an iCloud backup.

On the other hand, if a message on the iCloud option is turned off on your iPhone, then ICloud will take the backup of your iMessages. So, in such case, you can always restore the iCloud backup to retrieve the deleted iMessages. Again, here the catch is you need to factory reset your iPhone to restore the iCloud backup, which can be a risky endeavor.

Step 1. First, you need to the Setting > General > Reset > Erase all content and settings.


Step 2. As soon as your device is erased, it will reboot and required to be set up.

Step 3. Go ahead and follow the given on-screen instructions to set up your iPhone again. As soon as you come to “Apps and Data” screen, tap on the option of “Restore from iCloud backup.”

Step 4. Here enters your iCloud account password. Then choose the backup option to restore. Pick the backup that may consist your deleted iMessages as per the date is created.


Once the setup is completed, you can open the Messages app and check if you could locate the deleted iMessages.

With iTunes Backup Retrieve Deleted iMessages – Steps Explained.

In case you backed up your iPhone data to iTunes, then need to restore the iTunes backup to retrieve the deleted iMessages.

Step 1: On your computer first launch iTunes and connect it with your iPhone via USB.

Step 2: Within iTunes, select Summary > Restore the iPhone to retrieve the iTunes backup that may contain the deleted iMessages.

Once you successfully restored the iTunes backup, your entire iPhone data will be rewritten by the reserve. On the other hand, if you want to restore the deleted iMessage without iTunes backup restoration, then smart decision is to use FonePaw.

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Bonus Tip: How to Backup iMessages to Computer

Mistaken deletion happens all the time. One way to tackle mistaken deletion is to make a regular backup. Backing up iMessages to your PC is the safest option since no matter what happens to your phone, you’ll still have the messages. FonePaw iOS Data Backup & Restore is a tool that can help you to backup data in an iOS device to a computer. The process is quite simple.

All the time we tend to delete one or other important messages, photos, text, notes, and other stuff. One easy way to take care of these mistakes is to make a regular backup. The safest option is to take the backup of your iMessage to your PC/Laptop/Desktop. Again, FonePaw can help you here by making the backup data in the iOS device to your PC. The entire process is quite easy as described below.

: First, download the software on your computer.

: Connect your iPhone or Apple device to your computer and the software will automatically detect the device.

: Select the iOS data backup option. Here you get the opportunity to choose encrypted backup or standard backup.

: Choose attachment and iMessages backup only. The software will quickly start making the backup of your iMessages on your iPhone.

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