How To Program Your RCA Universal Remote Codes?


RCA universal remote control Codes is a popular one that integrates the remote controls of all your devices with a single code, each at a time. You might be having a streaming player, Blu-ray/DVD player, set-top box, etc. and also separate remote controls for each device. Many times, you may get confused with which remote used for which device. Hence, you should have an all-in-one remote control such as RCA. Do you know that an RCA universal remote is simple to connect your other devices’ remotes? Well, we will learn how to program RCA universal remote codes here. These codes are unique and vary from one device to another. Also, the procedure for RCA universal remote codes for Vizio TV and RCA universal remote codes for Onn TV is the same except that some inbuilt options might change.

How to identify an RCA Universal remote code?

You will look for the RCA Universal remote code manually using the user manual of your universal remote or on the official website of RCA Universal remote. By doing so, you will be able to find RCA universal remote codes list 4 digits for the respective device or equipment you wish to connect.

What should you have to program an RCA universal remote control?

You might require items such as an RCA Universal remote control, new batteries (for specification, check the user manual). Similarly, you may require a user manual of the universal remote control for programming instructions. Moreover, you need some patience till the code goes right with your device because sometimes, your tries may fail but in the end. Also, you can map any of your device’s remote control to the RCA universal remote control.

How to program an RCA Universal remote for your TV?

You can make use of the following instructions for both Vizio TV and Onn TV.

  • Press the power switch and turn on your TV.
  • Keep your Universal remote straight to the panel and press and hold the TV’s Power button for a while.
  • You might see the light turning on. Now, simultaneously, long-press the On/Off button and hold it and allow the light to turn on again.
  • Now press the Play or Slow button on your universal remote at least for five seconds.
  • After some time, your TV should turn off automatically. If it happens then the Universal remote paired with your TV. Meanwhile, if not, repeat pressing the Play or Slow button till you get the TV turned off.

Still, if the TV does not turn off redo the entire process again and again till you match the remote with your TV.

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How to program your RCA universal remote for other devices?

You can choose any device to pair with your universal remote, but all you need to make sure is the device or remote is compatible enough to map with each other. You can go through these simple steps to connect the universal remote with any of your devices.

  • First, turn on the device that you wish to pair the remote with, manually. Point the RCA universal remote towards the device’s power panel.
  • Press the button on the remote that looks likely to match with your device and hold it for some time. Let the light on the remote blink and do not press any other button in between.
  • Likewise, press the button on your device and hold it for a while and simultaneously, hold the Power button as well. This process should take place until the light on your device turns off and then turns on. It should probably take up to 5 seconds and not more than that.
  • Now release the hold on the Power button and the device button. Make sure that the light on the Power button is still active. If it turned off, redo points 2 and 3.

  • Once it is complete, scan the necessary code to set up your device with the Power button. Wait for your device to turn off by itself; if it happens so, the remote has got its suitable code to connect with your device.
  • Now press the Stop button to store the retrieved code for the particular device. However, it’s working condition known only after you perform several functionality checks.
  • In case the process fails and your device does not turn off then you should do all these steps once again from the beginning. Even after several times of trials, it did not work. Then you have to consider that it is not possible to connect your Universal remote control to the device.

You can also check for the availability of code search buttons on your remote and try performing this programming in another way. If your remote has a code search button, it is quite easy to map universal remote to your device. If not, do not worry, you have alternative methods too.

Where to find RCA universal remote codes list?

  1. RCA universal remote codes are 4 digit numbers that can found from the user manual if available, or search on its official website for perfect codes according to your device model number. So you should keep your equipment’s model number handy so that it makes your search easy. You can find a 4-digit number next to each device model. When doing the previously-mentioned process, you should enter that 4-digit code, accordingly.
  2. RCA Universal remote codes are easy to pair with any device, provided you should do it correctly as per the instructions. This remote benefits its users by avoiding messy and dilemma of using multiple remotes when having more electronic gadgets that have remote controls. It is not pricy though that you cannot purchase it. You can even look for offers online and may buy it even at a lower price. For more updates on RCA universal remote codes, keep reading our techie news and blogs regularly. Any good piece of information can guide you through self-learning and entertain to perform Do-it-yourself activities.

Bottom Line

I hope the aforementioned details will be enough for you to custom program your RCA Universal Remote Codes according to your TV or any other devices. If you have any other methods, feel free to share it with us.