PUBG Mobile Season 6 Royal Pass


PUBG Mobile Season 6 Royale Pass has been started on 21st March 2019 at 00:00 UTC or 5:30 AM IST. Tencent is expecting around 5 million Royal Passes to get sold within two days. Based on their 3.5 Million Season 5 passes getting sold, there is no doubt on their season 6 expectations getting successfully redeemed.

Season 6 Royal Pass Motive:

Here in this post, we are accounting for Season 6, Royal Pass changes and Royal Pass Points achievability till the season ends. Season 6 has arrived with a single motive of reaching the highest tier to get their exclusive anniversary set called CyberPunk Suit. Whereas the season 5 had two choices to make at the 100th level which were Dragon Hunter Set and Roaring Dragon Set.

Upon hearing from millions of PUBG mobile players regarding F2P player’s inability to go further in the royal pass levels, the dev team has successfully increased 50 RP Points each in the weekly challenge missions. And have decreased 25 RP Points from the Elite Missions slots.

If you’re an Elite or Elite Plus player, overall of an extra 25 RP Points you will be getting as a result of this points change.

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Challenge Missions RP Points Changes In Details:

If compared to the new PUBG mobile season 6 challenge missions, season 5 used to have 4 elite mission slots rewarding each 100 RP Points normalizing to 400 RP points and 6 free mission slots for f2p players rewarding each 50 RP Points normalizing to 300 RP points.

Perhaps, on a lighter note due to this new change in the RP Points system, it’s actually helping both F2P and P2P players to earn more RP Points.

So, Elite missions with 4 slots are now rewarding 375 RP Points normalizing to 150, 75, 75 and 75 points for the missions. Then the regular free challenge missions with 6 slots are now rewarding 350 RP Points normalizing to 100, 50, 50, 50, 50, and 50 for those missions.

The benefit is actually for both the players, the free players getting 350 points per week with a boost of 50 more points, the elite and elite plus players get 725 points per week with a slight boost of mere 25 points.

Clarification On PUBG Mobile Season 6 Royal Pass Points 2019

Will be sharing the calculated data of achievable royal pass points for the ones who are holding with Royal Elite Pass. As its, the only category which comes with a clear cut motive to reach RP Level 100 but a major chunk of players tend to fail in reaching the apex level.

Note: UTC Time Standard and the IST Time Zone has been used in the following calculation.

Season 6 started has on 21st March 2019 at 00:00 UTC (5:30 A.M IST).

Season 6 ends on 15th May 2019 at 23:59:59 UTC (16th May 5:29:59 A.M IST)

Duration: 56 days or 1344 hours or 8 weeks

1. Points from Weekly Challenge Missions

Every week elite player gets 10 missions which include 4 elite missions and 6 normal missions. Those 10 missions account to 725 royal points. Will all weeks counted down, points maximum can be earned from weekly challenge missions would be 5800 RPP.

725 RPP/week from challenge missions x 8 weeks = 5800 RPP = 58 RP

2. Points from Elite Crates

Each elite crate provides 200 RP Points vouchers which can be used to get 200 RP Ponts. To get an elite crate the player should complete 10 missions within the given time of 170 hours. The points maximum can be earned from Elite Crates (Popularly known as 10 Missions Crate) would be around 1600 RPP.

Duration: Elite Crate Renews Every 170 Hours or shortly 7 days & 2 hours.

1st Crate Ends On 28th March, 2:30 AM UTC (7:30 AM IST)

2nd Crate Ends On 4th April, 4:30 AM UTC (9:30 AM IST)

3rd Crate Ends On 11th April, 6:30 AM UTC (11:30 AM IST)

4th Crate Ends On 18th April, 8:30 AM UTC (1:30 PM IST)

5th Crate Ends On 25th April, 10:30 AM UTC (3:30 PM IST)

6th Crate Ends On 2nd May, 12:30 PM UTC (5:30 PM IST)

7th Crate Ends On 9th May, 2:30 PM UTC (7:30 PM IST)

8th Crate Ends On 16th May,  4:30 AM UTC or 23:59:59 UTC (9:30 PM IST or 5:29 AM IST)

Correction in 8th Crate as Season 6 ends on 16th May at 23:59:59 UTC (5:29 AM IST) so the crate also ends at 5:29 AM rather than 9:30 PM later that night. It would cut around 21 hours from 5:29 to 9:30.

200 RPP for every elite crate x 8 crates = 1600 RPP = 16 RP

3. Points from Daily Missions

Points maximum can be earned from daily missions would depend entirely on the expiry of the daily missions.  This can only happen if the player successfully completes the earlier missions within the given expiration time.

  1. Daily Missions expire and renew with a new mission after every 3 days (72 Hours).
  2. Slots available for daily missions are just 3.
  3. The first mission in slot 1 appeared on 21st March which expires on 24th March at 5:29 AM
  4. The second mission in the second slot appeared on 22nd March which expires on 25th March at 5:29 AM
  5. The third mission in the third slot appears on 23rd March which expires on 26th March at 5:29 AM

Calculating Points For 1st Slot

Hours available from 21st March are 1344 divided by 72 hours = 18.6 Missions

18 x 30 RPP = 540 RPP = 5 RP and 40 RPP

Calculating Points For 2nd Slot

Hours available from 22nd Mar are 1320 divided by 72 hours = 18.3 Missions.

18 x 30 RPP = 540 RPP = 5 RP and 40 RPP

Calculating Points For 3rd Slot

Hours available from 23rd Mar are 1296 divided by 72 hours = 18 Missions.

18 x 30 RPP = 540 RPP = 5 RP and 40 RPP


540+540+540 = 1620 RPP = 16 RP and 20 RPP

Fact: You're getting 16 RP Levels from Daily Missions and also from Elite Crates

4. Points from Daily logins and Monday logins

As you know from above, this season 6 duration is a mere 56 days. Every day login provides 10 RP Points whereas every Monday login provides 15 RP.

56 days x 10 RPP = 560 RPP = 5RP and 60 RPP.

8 Mondays x 15 RPP = 120 RPP = 1RP and 20 RPP


560+120 = 680 RPP = 6 RP and 80 RPP.

* Adding All The Points

Perhaps, so far we have got 5800 RPP from Weekly Challenge Missions, 1600 RPP From Elite Crates, 1620 RPP From Daily Missions, 680 RPP from daily and Monday logins.

Which sums to 5800+1600+1620+680 = 9700 RPP = 97 RP

5. Other ways to earn RP Points

Yes, apart from the above mentioned and calculated 4 ways to get RP points there are few more possibilities to earn those points.

i) Royal Pass Reward

If you have bought Royal Pass in season 5, you would get a season 6, 500 RPP card. Which you can use to redeem and get 500 RP points and the duration would be as far as the season ends.

The ones with new Season 6 Royal Pass, should focus on earning the RP Points from other ways if they lag behind level 100 for any reason.

ii) Earn RP Points On Completing Event Tasks

Let’s say you have started playing from this season only under the royal elite pass. You then won’t get the season 6, 500 RPP card. Thus you will be struck at 97 RP level.

How can you earn the rest RP points?

It’s simple, you need to complete the missions or tasks which you get from the Events section. These event missions or tasks vary or differ from season to season and from event to event. So it’s hard to calculate the right amount.

But there is common thinking amongst players that you can earn anywhere from 10 RP to 20 RP from such Events in the entirety of this season.

iii) Earn RP Points On Opening Crates

Other ways to get RPP in season 6 is by opening Anniversary Supreme Crates, Premium Crates, and Classic Crates. Each crate does reward you with 10 RP Points.

PUBG Mobile Season 6 Royal Pass Rewards

These are the rewards for the royal pass levels from level 1 to level 100. It is obvious that only elite and elite plus players are capable of reaching level 100.

Credits: PUBG Mobile

Summary On PUBG Mobile Season 6 Royal Pass Points Calculations

On a closing note, here is what we can summarise regarding the Royal Pass Points for Elite Pass players. If the player completes missions from challenge and daily missions, and gains every elite crate by logging in every day, such candidate without any doubt can reach 97 RP level.

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It would be easy for a player who had season 6, 500 RP coupon to reach 100 RP level, and has 200 RP points in hand which the player can redeem under the RP Redeem section for any item.

You can get Anniversary Supreme Crates, Premium Crates, Classic Crates, and their crate coupons or vouchers from Achievements Section and From Lotteries or DRAW’s and from the “Limited” Events section.

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