Now Let the Brand Customize Phone for You


For the people who are unaware, Moto maker is the new customization service that is offered by Motorola. Using this service one can get the phone of any desired color, custom memory, custom build material, and many other things, you can even customize the case of the phone. As per Motorola, there are thousands of combinations possible and so they believe that delivering a unique phone makes them stand out of the crowd.

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China is the only country that has the largest number of phones available and so we want to provide everyone a unique phone, said Motorola. This is not the only news from Moto, Lenovo that is bought from Google for 2.91 million USD has started selling Moto X. Moto G and Moto X pro to the customers directly through its online market.

According to the recent report, Lenovo shipped a record of 18.7 million smartphones that includes 7.8 million Moto devices in the first quarter of 2015. As per the company, China is accounted for 59% of its total smartphone market.

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