News About the Next iPad: The Apple iPad Pro

Apples iPad has been a revolutionary device and is inarguably the best performer in the tablet market when it comes to applications, looks, and the user experience. Much speculation has been on about the next iPad to be launched in the market. For all those of you who were waiting for this gadget, there is a news report.

What Apple said?

Apple has indicated that the next iPad will be smaller without falling under the Air series. They called the new iPad Pro, this device is said to have the same specifications as its bigger compatriot.

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The chip currently powering the iPad Pro is the A9X and is the same chip which will be used in the next iPad. Apple has begun work on customizing its smart keyboard accessories to suit its next entrant and support for the stylus touch might be in the pipelines.

There is a word of the next iPad being available in the rose gold shade.

One will not have to wait long to find out more about the next iPad. Apple has announced that this product will be on display during their event on the 15th of March and may hit commercial shelves as early as 18th of the same month.

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Whats apples strategy

One can only guess what Apples strategy in the market is. Industry experts opine that Apple may be looking to streamline its operations and offerings by withdrawing its older products from the market.

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