New Way of Shopping from Pinterest


Pinterest is a very famous name in the world of the internet. Pinterest recently unveiled a new way of shopping. There are some very rich pins available over the Pinterest website, for example, the recipe for anything or the ingredients. So now Pinterest will start showing the purchase button to the user along with pins. Users will now be able to see the prices; they will be able to select the types of the product for example colors and after just some tapings one can buy that product.

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This new option is expected to launch after this month. Pinterest is now busy in developing the payment method and other securities. As per the company people, no fees will be applicable for the buyers and sellers. One can get buyable pins from Shopify and demand ware after the launch.

As per the CEO of Pinterest, people use the phone today also, but shopping is still not that easy from the phone. There are many menus and fields which one has to fill while purchasing things online. But this new feature will be fast and zippy. One just has to buy pins and this can be done by using the transaction from a credit card.

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So let’s wait and see what this new feature brings up.


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