Whole New Super Powered iPad Pro 9.7 inch is here

Apple launched its latest new iPad which is also known as iPad Pro 9.7 inch, and the reason is that it has a huge 9.7 inches screen. This is the iPad that is also treated as Mac Book because of its big screen. This is the reason why many people say that Apple wants us to consider it as a computer, not because of the display size but because of the number of versions launched by Apple and this is the reason why it is the best iPad in the market at present.

But the biggest question is that is it a computer?

When it comes to price the new iPad Pro is less expensive than the iPad Pro launched last year, but you cant say it as the cheap iPad because it cost around $599 for the basic variant and if you are planning to go for highest one then you will pay $899 which is 256GB model.

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You will also get Apple Pencil and a keyword as an accessory which will give you a feeling as you just purchased a Mac Book. After using iPad Pro for some time, you wont be able to neglect the fact it is colossal and powerful. This new iPad is as thin as iPad Air 2, and after looking at all the accessories, the new iPad Pro looks far better than the old but expensive iPad Air 2.

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The crazy thing is that it is given with the antenna line on the back but we guess it is to provide better Wi-Fi performance but thats not at all an issue. You will also find an antenna bump of 12 MP. This iPad weighs around a pound, and since it is installed with high configuration, you wont find any lag. This iPad provide an impressive support for pencil and even better screen quality. It is also equipped with a smart technology called True Tone which adjusts the temperature of the color according to the room you are into.

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People who are planning to buy a portable computer will surely go for it because of the accessories and other things. We also tried the keyboard and found it really impressive, but it takes some time to get used to. In terms of usability, it is really excellent, and the keys have a good amount of space. The iPad is well installed with the A9 processor, and the pencil usage makes it really handy.

So, in short, this is one good device to use, and you can go for it.

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