New Best Iphone App will Help you Sharpen Basketball Skills


The connected app is not new, but the new best iPhone app “smart basketball” by Wilson track each and every shot on the court. Wilson X debuted last year and it uses embedded sensors of your smartphone and tally out the misses in real-time. This app is made to work on iOS now devices but we hope that soon it will be available on Android.

This application offers four modes of shooting. This app also has Buzzer Beater mode using this mode you will have to make a game-winning shot and the countdown on the clock runs. As per Wilson, this app works with the high-tech ball only and it is made for shooters only as it tracks shots in the range of seven feet.

You can expect this best iPhone app to be a simulation game along with complete crowd noise and commentaries. You don’t have to charge the ball and as per Wilson, the battery lasts up to 100000 shots, which means 300 shots per day for a year. Two sizes of the ball are available official 29.5 inches and intermediate 28.5 inch which costs around $199. You can even share stats on your social media and you can send reports to your coach as well.

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