Must have Free Apps for Android


Besides your usual chat and gaming apps, there are many more useful apps then you look out for. Now, who doesn’t want free things that are useful too? Everyone!! Yes, that’s the correct answer, I am not going to talk about WhatsApp, coc and those apps, below mentioned are some of the unique free apps for android.

Tossup: If you were to ask me, I would have added this app in every category I could, it’s just a perfect addition to the chat apps we have, the last thing that was missing. You can manage get-togethers easily, put up polls, for friends, to choose what to do, decide a place and that too, without the usual frustrating calls, and infinite questions.

WiFiMapper: This app was first launched for ios, but since it gained much popularity, it was decided to launch it on android, which has been quite successful, the app basically marks all the nearest wi-fi’s on a map, you can find wi-fi hotspots, save them and track your usage over them.

Drupe: Talk about the best messaging apps, the names that come straight up are Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. but drupe is just exceptional, it’s yet to gain popularity since its new, what drupe does is that it allows you to connect with anyone in your connect list, with whichever messaging app you like, be it Facebook, WhatsApp, skype anything.

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Though there are infinite free apps for android, some of the best and latest other than the obvious ones were these three.


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