MBBR Biological Technology for Your Wastewater Treatment


MBBR is an economical method, from which you can treat your waste material when you have an enormous amount of the waste load that needs to be disposed of.

When your concerns are meant for a price reduction or if applicable discharge laws aren’t as strict. With this technology, we provide advanced waste treatment solutions for commercial and industrial use.

These solutions considerably increase the capability and potency of existing waste material treatment plants, whereas reducing the dimensions of current plant deployments. This methodology makes it potential to achieve smart potency results of disposal with the least energy consumption.

This method is employed for removing organic elements, nitrification or denitrification.

Do you know how MBBR works?

MBBR uses floating plastic carriers known as MBBR media at intervals. A tank known as the aeration tank is also provided to extend the number of micro-organisms which offers you to treat the waste product.

These organisms downsize organic elements. MBBR media gives an increase in surface area for these microorganisms to connect to and grow within the aeration tanks.

The extension in the surface area also helps in reducing the footprint of the tanks needed to treat the waste product. The media are unceasingly agitated in the form of bubbles from the tank and provide oxygen at the bottom of the primary compartment of the tank.

These biological organisms consume organic elements.  When you compare the results to secondary treatment methods it shows efficient and price-economical technology.

moving bed bio reactor

MBBR Media

They are manufactured from the polymeric materials with some of the additional elements such as bio-enzyme.

it’s a sophisticated and advanced suspension carrier.

They’re quick to wash and need low maintenance. we tend to serve them in plenty of models and sizes

MBBR Design

The primary step involves in MBBR design is your understanding of the discharge charges in your usage zone.

Moreover, just in case you propose to employ the water once the waste treatment, you would like to get yourself known with the standards needed for reusing waste material water.

For example, for chores like irrigation, you will not expect high standards. However, alternative tasks like a toilet room flushing would require high standards.

When designing the MBBR, following calculations, you might need to additionally bear in mind such as

  1. BOD Removal for single stage
  2. BOD Removal for double stage
  3. Separate nitrification stages

What is MBBR Technology?

The technology concerned throughout the MBBR method employs numerous polyethylene biofilm called media or carriers.

They work within a waste material treatment basin with motion. All media are provided with a protected film that facilitates within the help in the growth of plant and microorganism among the cells.

mbbr technology

This method does increase your productivity and efficiency of the plant. The high numbers of microorganism growth help you to come through high rate integration of waste among the system and additionally give simple operation, to not mention the dependability of the method.

MBR (Membrane Bio-Reactor)

An MBR method employs biological disintegration and separation technique physically. A film for removing off grease or solid suspensions particles in order to avoid clogging of the membrane.

MBR method is very sensitive, with disadvantage to bear overloading and operates at has very operational and maintenance costs. You also require chemicals for film cleaning

It is a filtration zone with a high yield of bacteria growing within the membrane and this is considered 4 to 5 times higher than MBBR systems.

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The dimensions and size of the pore diameter of the membrane determine the effectiveness of the facility and even germs may be removed off from the water. Vacuum pressure is needed to help the waste product flow through the membrane, that is energy-

Sewage treatment plant with MBBR technology

MBBR technology also being employed in a sewage treatment system and is considered very economical and effective. Although the waste matter contains within the water are high or your effluent has high COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) level, MBBR technology is well effective in every solution

The method is appropriate for organic compounds breakdown, detoxification, nitrification and de-nitrification.

How does it work?

Firstly, the effluent in the aeration tank, whereas the media retention screen holds the biofilm carriers within the tank. Then the air blowing pumps process the air within the tank to keep the raw waste material well-mixed; the number of dissolved gas is controlled automated measuring sensor.

MBBR STP advantages

An MBBR waste material treatment plant presents an honest range of benefits some of them includes as:

  • it does not require you with a full time hired operator to monitor if the load changes because of its automatic control functions.
  • Less sludge is being produced.
  • It doesn’t simply suffer from toxic shock.
  • Absence of a sludge come backline.
  • High dependability and simple to use.


With MBBR method waste matter will be treated within the aerobic and anaerobic environments. The MBBR systems are the most effective water treatment answer for the high-strength waste matter.MBBR and MBR both methods help to resolve waste matter involved a straightforward operational system that adds hygiene into the water.

The MBBR system is inflated day by day at everyplace within the U.S. and everyone over the planet. It conjointly proffered because of the biological treatment technology. In contrast to alternative waste matter treatment systems, MBBR is price economical in its association with operation and maintenance expenses.