Manage your routine with Google calendar


Every product from Google has touched the lives of humans in different aspects, and the Google Calendar also finds its way into the list. This product or rather a service from Google has been a boon for both professionals as well as others. It has been instrumental in time management and improving the productivity of employees with no additional cost associated involving mail clients.

Time Management Using Google Calendar

Calendar Reminders

The Google Calendar reminders serve as good as any of the reminders coming out from a mail client, also offering you the ability to add multiple calendars. It is very simple to add reminders to your Google Calendar. Google Calendar reminders were first rolled out only for mobile App and now it is also available in the browser.

To add a reminder in the web browser click on any of the empty boxes in the calendar and you will get a new small window. In that click on the reminder tab and fill the details for the fields. You can select the date range, should be repeated, and if you want the reminder to be there all day. If you want to create a reminder in the mobile app, just tap on the + sign at the bottom right corner. There you will get three options to select event, goal, and reminder. Select a reminder and type in about what Google should remind you, date, and the weather should be repeated.

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If you have created a reminder for all day you will not get a notification for that. Notifications will be shown only if you have set any specified time. You can create reminders from Google calendar, Google App, browser, and Inbox. You will not get the reminders tab if you have enabled Tasks. To enable reminders tab click on the small triangle which is right to the tasks and click on the Switch to reminders.

This is the section of Google calendar where Google does its experiments on how to improve the calendar, hence the name Calendar labs. The features in the lab will not be present in the general settings tab. They are changing the background of Google Calendar, decline event requests if you are unavailable, the option to add a year view, world times, next meeting time and even has the option to check whether your friends are free or busy (Possible only if your friends have shared their calendar with you).

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If you want to experiment on any of these features you have to enable it first from the Calendar labs and then the settings for the particular feature will be shown in the general settings. To go to labs, you can click on the settings button at the top right corner and click on labs. As of now, this facility is available only in the browser not in the mobile App.

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Though almost like a beta product, the Google Calendar labs serve as a useful add-on to the already feature-rich Google Calendar tool. Try this out and for sure you would fall in love with it and pray that Google does not remove it from its labs!


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