Leaving No Stone Unturned: 4 Ways to Make Your Resume Shine


In today’s increasingly competitive market, job seekers need to be exceedingly ambitious and proactive to stand any chance for employment. On average, a corporate job opening gets 250 resumes, of which only a handful get called for interviews. Moreover, studies say that recruiters spend less than 10 seconds going through resumes, which means candidates have almost no time to make an impression.

So, if you’re actively looking for work but none of the employers to whom you’ve reached out seems to care, it may be time to re-strategize. A resume is what tells a recruiter if you have the education credentials, experience, skills and talents they want. To sell yourself as the best candidate, therefore, you need to build a resume that is perfectly put together. Otherwise, it won’t matter how good you would be at the job, because you’ll never get the chance to show it.


Read on for four sure ways to make your resume stand out from the pile.

Know the Company and The Job

One of the most common mistakes that new job seekers make is using the same resume for all the applications they send. Although applying for similar positions in different companies means reusing a lot of the content on your resume, doing some research about the organization and the role will help you to know how to sell yourself better.

Use information like the company’s mission statement, history, and achievements to draft a resume that includes essential and relevant details about you and speaks of you as the best fit. In doing so, you’ll also get to know whether your goals and preferences match the company you’re looking to join. Check out online resume builder.

Choose A Good Template

Coming up with a resume layout that will immediately capture the eyes of a reader is never straightforward. Thankfully, you can make your work a lot easier, and also avoid some costly mistakes by using a template.

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Professional templates from career service websites enable users to build organized, consistent, appropriate and unique resumes without any design experience. LiveCareer, for instance, has a comprehensive online library with templates for all sorts of jobs, and you can quickly shift from one design to the next, depending on the job description.

Make Your Achievements Pop

Keeping in mind that you have limited time to make an impression, it’s crucial that you think about the most critical aspects of your resume, and how to make them stick with the recruiter.  If you have some experience, for example, start the experience section of your resume with your most significant achievement while on the job, and if possible, add numbers to paint a clearer picture of what you accomplished.  

Even if you’re looking for a first job, make sure your most significant and relevant qualifications come first. Hiring managers often scan resumes before they decide to pay closer attention or ignore them completely, so make sure your main achievements are as clear and as striking as possible.

Include External Links

If you’re submitting your application online, including relevant links to your resume can’t hurt. In fact, it makes the recruiter’s job easier, since they can quickly verify the information you’ve given. You also get to share more exciting aspects about yourself that you wouldn’t have included on the resume. Links to a professional portfolio or a relevant website or blog are great fits for a resume.

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Although there’s no fool-proof way to get a job, having a great resume will significantly improve your chances of getting invited for an interview and showing off your capabilities face to face.