Top 12 Magisk Modules Worth Trying in 2020


Magisk Modules:– In the past few days, I attempt many modules of Magisk from average ones to popular ones like Xposed framework, App Systemizer, Pixel Experience, Viper FX, and more like QuickSwitch and Pix3lify. I am sure that you must have already known some popular modules of Magisk, here is the quick overview of lesser-known modules that you should try.

Here we bring!

First, understand more about the working of Magisk

We need to learn why Magisk is so popular and how it works. One of the conventional ways to root your Android is to flash a custom recovery and unlock the bootloader. However, with the release of the Marshmallow version in OS update, Google blocked several well-liked root approaches. Hence, making challenging to root Android without altering the system.

Moreover, that is where Magisk plays the smartest role. Without changing the system partition, Magisk unlocks the root of the device. This way, Android does not seem able to know whether the device is rooted, and all the apps like Netflix, DRM apps, and banking apps usually work. Among Android enthusiasts, this Magisk is quite popular.

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Now, when it comes to downloading the Magisk, then it is pretty much similar to rooting your device. First and foremost, you need to unlock the bootloader. Next, you will need to flash Magisk on your device with custom recovery like TWRP. On the other hand, you can directly download Magisk Manager app to flash Magisk if you have unlocked the bootloader.

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With all these details, now it is about time to check out some of the fantastic Magisk Modules.

12 Best Modules of Magisk

1. QuickSwitch

When it comes to extremely niche module, then QuickSwitch is one of them. If you are on the launcher of OEM like, EMUI, MIUI which enables quick interchange between apps, you can quickly go for QuickSwitch to change your provider of apps. As my recent app provider, I am using One Plus launcher on Galaxy Note 9 of Samsung.

2. XMLPak

From Google play store, you can easily use vendor apps and download them vis this module. For instance, in my Pixel, I can use the Asus Weather app or download the Samsung email, which are exclusive to Samsung and Asus devices. One excellent app then you can download with this module is Razer Game Booster, which helps to optimize the power and boost the performance settings for the mobile games. If you are a serious gamer, then this app can also turn the DND on while you are playing.

3. iOS12.1 Emoji

Most of you must already be aware of the Green Bubble vs. Blue Bubble theory, right? Adding to that, you have access to emojis of iOS. They have a different appearance from the stock Google emoji’s and perhaps looks much better. So, if you are looking forward to it then through the Magisk module, you can install iOS 12.1 Emoji.

4. disabler

The most common issue that most people experience after rooting their device is apps that deny running on the device. An excellent example is and Netflix. Due to DRM protection, these apps would not run on the rooted device. This module of Magisk module with zero-byte replacement masked the This way, Netflix and other similar apps would not recognize whether your device is rooted and easily be available for download.

5. Google Sans Font

While we are talking about the beautification and emoji, one fantastic thing about the font style of Pixel, we cannot describe it in words; you need to use this font at least once to understand it better. Google Sans Font is another name of Magisk Module which the first title of Pixel’s Font is also. When I used it in my Galaxy Note 9, then it looks much better than original OneUI font.

6. Blobmoji

When we talk about the emoji’s Blobmoji is an interesting emoticon which is unfortunately killed in Android O. However, on GithubSimonsmh resumed its development. It is Noto Emoji’s fork and if you are looking for ways to bring back the great old-Blob days, then flash the emoticons as Magisk module.

7. Oxy-ify

The functionality of Pix3lify and Oxy-if are almost similar with the only yet significant difference that Oxy-if ports the OS features of Oxygen to any Android rooted device. Oxygen OS is one of the slickest and cleanest Android skins. With this you will get the One Plus Weather app, One Plus boot animation, One Plus’s Slate Font, One Plus modded launcher and more. Your phone feels extraordinarily responsive and slick when you replace it with One Plus user interface.

8. Pix3lify

To any rooted Android devices, Pix3lify brings some exciting Google Pixel features as you must have already got the idea from its name. Pixel wallpapers, Pixel Ringtones, Blue Accent, and Google Sans Font are some of the appreciating features of the Pixel user interface. So with the Pix3lify, you will be able to get all these features as well as Digital wellbeing, Settings Gestures, Google Camera, Google Lens, and call screening picture of Pixel and more.

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9. Universal GMS Doze

When Android came up with the Android Nougat version of their OS, then they introduced the Doze feature, which will keep your apps in the mode of hibernation. In other words, when you keep your phone on the table or any unattractive surface, Android disables the apps to run by putting them in a deeper sleep. However, Google Play Services is an exception in this list. You will never find that Google hibernates its apps. Therefore, if you have an average battery life Android phone, then you should try this Magisk module called Universal GMS mode, which is even capable of dozing off Google apps.

10. Dolby Atmos Sound

You should try the Dolby Atoms Sound if your speaker has ineffective sound output. It is preferred next to Viper Music FX; however, Viper does not function on every Android device. You cannot expect some magic quality via this module, but it will boost the output of the audio coming from your speaker. If you stream music on any online streaming app like Spotify, then you will experience a considerable improvement in loudness and sound quality.

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11. YouTube Vanced

Without YouTube Vanced, no module list will be completed. From Magisk’s website, you can easily download the YouTube Vanced app. However, when you install it, then let me remind you will come across a whole new world with Magisk’s YouTube Vanced app. It will unlock a couple of exciting features including, picture-in-picture or PiP mode when you sign in with Google account. Also, if you want to login with the G account, then you need to use micro.

12. Camera2API Enabler

Here comes the Google camera app like Xiaomi’s OEMs, Huawei puts restrictions in using the 3rd party apps. On the device, this restricts the functioning of GCam. To use the third-party module or GCam, you need to allow the Camera 2API. By changing the single line in build. Prop system manually it can be done. However, if you think that this is too much work, then you can directly install Magisk’s Camera2API Enabler Module. It does not just do enable the Camera2API, also take care of all intricate work for you.

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Last words

When people like you and me are looking for additional attributes to our rooted Android device, then Magisk Modules is an excellent way to try. These modules are proven helpful when it comes to modifying the appearance of the Android device.