The Top 11 Los Angeles Advertising Agencies


If you are like me, you must love online marketing or just marketing in general. There is a joy to create something that is YOURS and have millions of people out there who like and enjoy what you offer or create.

Yes, indeed marketing can be high, unlike anything you have never felt. However, just like a high, it can be the cause for some severe lows, and because of this, it can bring down our vibes the no one is liking what we are promoting, or worse NOBODY EVEN KNOWS WHAT WE ARE PROMOTING.

The Top 11 Los Angeles Advertising Agencies

Because this is essential and very important for a business to work with advertising teams and agencies is that they can get their brand and their products out there. Moreover, in this article, we have taken the liberty to create a list of 11 Los Angeles Advertising Agencies to which you should look if you are entering into the whole marketing world. Word of mouth is excellent, but it can only take you but so far.

Los Angeles Advertising Agencies

 Ad Leverage

Ad Leverage is an advertising agency that helps to advertise your business by data-driven information that they use on social media to grow a following and to get your business out there. The company has 100 years of cumulative exerted in their office. They offer a wide array of service from driving traffic to creative development to digital marketing. Clients who have used their service have overwhelming enjoyed the service eye received from Ad Leverage.

Bloom Ads

Bloom Ads has been consistently ranked as one of the best advertising agencies in Los Angeles, and this is because of the idea that they are very good at targeting specific people for a brand or company. In business you don’t want to chase after millions of people (although that is what you wish to) you want, initially just a few thousands and then from there, you will be able to scan and grow your business.

Brand Knew

Brand Knew (catchy name right) has been helping many start-up businesses as well as veteran businesses. Their name really explains what they do so very well, and that is getting your brand to be known and recognized by people.

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Ever wonder why McDonald’s is so popular because they advertise nonstop to the point that everyone KNOWS their brand.

Cashmere Agency

The Cashmere Agency is a great advertising agency that focuses on helping websites, video teams, and movie teams the exposure that they need. Moreover, in today’s youtube world it’s even more important to be able to have that voice behind you that will also shout loud enough to get more people to hear.


This is a media-buying agency. They deliver top-notch service to their clients, and many reviews of past client have been overwhelmingly positive. Clients have to choose them for their affordable rice as well as for the exceptional services.


Dreamentia focuses heavily on promoting your brand and company on TV, radio, websites and online. They are widely dedicated to providing you the absolute best service possible. Many clients have praised the agency for targeting the clients that they wanted.

The great thing about targeting clusters is that if they have bought from you before they will be much more likely to do business with you again. Building that relationship with customers is crucial for your business to scale and to become successful.

Eyestorm Productions

This agency is an award-winning entertainment agency. They have helped to advertise for many gaming giants as well as for many television shows and movies. You can rest assured tao of your work with this agency for whatever your purpose may be that you have a team of EXPERTS behind you.

MVC Agency

This is yet another award-winning agency that has advertised for many global brands like Netflix, Sony, and Sprint, to name a few.  

Neuron Syndicate

This agency has been dubbed the “agency to watch” the excellent level of service they offer their clients is easy making this company brand to stand out. Where they excel and make themselves stand out is in the fact that they create stories for there marketing campaigns which are intended to draw on the emotions of the viewers.

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They really take the whole marketing psychology to the tee, and for companies and business, this is a godsend.

One Eighteen

One Eighteen has been regarded by many clients to be one of the most professional advertising agencies in all of Los Angeles. They are communicative, timely and highly skilled in their expertise.


Perhaps, one of the most versatile advertising agents on this list. They have helped companies in all aspects of the business. Ranging from finances to sports, to media to many there services They are well versed in marketing and well versed in advertising any and seemingly all businesses.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to start advertising your business and taking it to the next level, then we highly recommend that you give some of these agencies a look. Not only do they offer superlative service but they all reside in Los Angeles (assuming you are from Los Angeles).

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The list that we compiled is just some advertising agencies. Here are many, many, many more. If you still feel the ends to learn about these companies, then you can also visit their website to earn a bit more about the services they provide. The more question you ask, the better and easier it will be to work with one of them.